Chinese Reverse Zoo: Wild Animals Roam Free As People In Moving Cages Watch

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Visitors to the Lehe Ledu zoo in the Chongqing municipality of China get a taste of what it feels like to live inside a cage while the wild animals roam outside. Visitors get onto a protected truck and are driven through the predators’ enclosure. Raw meat hanging from hooks along the vehicles attract the animals to the truck. Visitors get to enjoy the reverse zoo a little bit more as a result.

Chan Liang, the spokesperson of the zoo said that they intend to give the visitors an authentic and unique experience. Guests are repeatedly warned to keep their hands and fingers off the cages to avoid any accidents.

The Reverse Zoo Has Proven To Be A Success For Its Novelty

Visitors have taken to the novelty of the concept and the zoo is always booked in advance. At this reverse zoo, the animals have been conditioned to come out of their hiding to grab at the chunks of meat hanging outside the vehicle.

This feasting frenzy helps the visitors take closer pictures of the animals in the reverse zoo. A small opening at the top of the vehicles enables visitors to push through meat with the help of a stick. The experience as the large predators including Royal Bengal tigers, lions, bears, and white tigers, jump onto the cage to grab the meat chunks is an out-of-the-world experience for the visitors to the reverse zoo.

Visitors love the thrill of being stalked and attacked by the predators outside their cage in the reverse zoo without any of the dangers involved. Guest are warned not to place their fingers and hands on the side netting to avoid any injury.

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The reverse zoo launched the attraction back in 2015. The first three months were immediately booked in advance as visitors jostled to catch a glimpse of a wild animal feasting from a close range.

But many experts have warned of having predators so close to visitors and warn that an accident can take place at any moment. This reverse zoo is not the first of its kind. There are similar zoos in Chile and New Zealand.

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