Christmas Tree Worms Fascinates The World

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Christmas Tree Worms have taken the internet by storm. Nature is full of surprises. It has a lot of things to offer. We have advanced a lot and unraveled the mysteries of nature. However, there is a vast region that remains untapped. 

Mother Earth provides us with food, water, air, and a diverse source of flora and fauna. Mankind has always admired the stunning beauty of nature. One such discovery has made the world sit up and take notice. The world is currently celebrating festive spirits. 

New decorations and lighting are being put up everywhere. People are busy decorating their houses. A chunk of the decoration involves the Christmas Tree. Without the Christmas trees, the decorations seem incomplete. A recent discovery has shown that an underwater sea creature carries the decoration all year long. 

christmas tree worm

It seems as if the creature celebrates the festivities all through its lifetime. We are talking about a Christmas Tree Worm. The worms have an outer covering that resembles a Christmas tree. These are commonly known as the Christmas Tree Worms, but their original name is Spirobranchus

The pines are only a small part of their body. A significant part of these worm’s bodies stays underneath the coral reefs. The coral reefs are made up of calcium carbonate. These worms usually prefer to stay indoors. They construct their own house using the secretion from their own body.

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Once the house is made, the worms make them comfortable inside it. The spirobranchus can stay inside its house for as long as forty years. The worms have an excellent skill of adapting. It can adjust its growth according to the coral.

This provides them to keep up with the opening through which its pines protrude out into the water. The tentacles are the only sign by which one can locate the Christmas Tree Worms. Let us learn more about the Christmas Tree Worms in detail below. 

Christmas Tree Worms Lighten Up Underwater Festivities

The Christmas Tree Worms usually have a couple of tentacles. These are commonly termed radioles. These radioles can grow up to 2.5cm and are very much colorful. The tentacles are available in red, yellow, white, orange, etc. 

The tentacles of the worms help them in breathing by acting as a gill. A hairlike substance known as cilia is also present in the radioles. It helps them to filter their food before passing it onto their mouth. These types of creatures commonly thrive in subtropical and tropical regions. 

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The oceans of the Indo-Pacific region and Caribbean islands are home to a large number of such creatures. These worms usually prefer to dwell in shallow waters. They reside somewhere between ten to a hundred feet of depth. 

Christmas Tree Worms: A Treat To Divers 

Christmas Tree Worms are one of the main attractions for divers. The colorful nature of the creatures makes them a pleasant catch to the eyes. Deep-sea divers and snorkelers have been fascinated by the creatures.

There are several accounts of divers narrating about the worms. All in all, the Christmas Tree Worms are one of the prettiest creations of nature. 

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