Crows Cleaning Cigarette Butts! Sweden’s Ingenious Solution

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Cigarette Butts are collected by crows on the streets of Sweden. The rising levels of pollution have made the Earth endangered to a large extent.

To address the issue, different companies and countries are taking up different measures. There are instances where people are designing edible cups for ice creams.

Such a unique initiative has been taken up by a company in Sweden. The company is a newly formed start-up that stresses cleaning the roads.

However, the organization does not follow traditional methods to clean the streets. Crows are being specially trained to collect cigarette butts that are thrown on the streets every day.

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The crows are trained specifically to collect and deliver the wastes in a certain machine. The company has arranged for special rewards for each crow that does their work sincerely. Each of the crows gets a free meal after they deliver the butts to the machine.

Södertälje, near Stockholm, is the witness to such an inspiring and unique concept. Corvid Cleaning is very happy so far with the rate of progress. The company stated that the birds are voluntarily working towards the betterment of the environment.

Christian Günther-Hanssen is the head at Corvid Cleaning. Hanssen seemed overly pleased with the efforts of the birds. He stated that this method is very much cost-effective as well.

If implemented properly, the idea could save almost seventy-five percent of the cost of traditional methods. A report states that thousands of cigarette butts are being mindlessly discarded in the Swedish streets every day.

These wastes constitute almost sixty-two percent of the total litter in the city. A huge chunk of money is required to clean all this mess.

The city of Södertälje spends close to 20m in Swedish kronor for the process. Corvid Cleaning has received significant praise from various environmentalists. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

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A recent data states that crows are very much intelligent as a creature. They almost have the same power of reasoning as that of a seven-year-old.


This makes crows the best and the smarter fit to carry out the job effectively. Hanssen said that teaching the crows was a very easy task for the trainers. The crow is such a bird that can mimic tasks with considerable ease.

Another biggest plus for the crows is that they can learn from each other. This process reduces the risk of crows eating cigarette butts by mistake.

Hanssen said that the average cost comes down significantly by the use of this method. However, the actual money the municipality can save depends on the number of cigarette butts the birds would be able to pick up.

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Tomas Thernström is a renowned waste strategist. He stated that experimenting with the idea of crows picking up wastes was a unique one. Tomas said it would be interesting to see how the process pans out in the long run. 

Cigarette Butts: Waste Picked Up By Smart Crows 

Cigarette Butts are becoming an increasing hazard with each day. Tomas said sarcastically that it was sad that a crow could be taught to pick up wastes but humans can not be taught not to litter.

As it stands now, the company is aiming to expand its operations significantly. They have approached a number of companies for funding and are working on making their service better.

Whether or not the plan will succeed will be answered in the future. 

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