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Clearbot is an automated device that can collect wastes from the water. The device is based on robotic technology. Water pollution has been a reason of constant concern in the recent past. Harmful chemicals are being dumped into the water by factories every day. The chemicals are often discharged untreated. This poses a life-threatening scenario for aquatic animals. Plastics, metals, and much other garbage are being shoved down the waterways regularly. The spread of such pollution should be prevented at once. However, removing toxic materials from water is an even bigger challenge. Clearbot seems to have the answer to the problem. Let us study all the buzz surrounding the robotic device below. 

Clearbot Effective In Collection Of  Garbage From Water 


A variety of things are being thrown into the river every day. From biodegradable to chemically atoxic products, the water is polluted with everything. Volunteers have a real tough time clearing the waste out of water. A recent example will clarify the scenario further. A factory in Syria spilled a significant amount of oil in the Mediterranean Sea. The oil started spreading and soon other countries such as Cyprus were in danger. The government had a tough time removing the oil from the water. Similarly, microfiber plastics and other hazardous materials are also difficult to remove. 

Open Ocean Engg seems to have the perfect solution. It is a startup based in Hong Kong. They have powered an artificially intelligent robotic device, Clearbot. The bot will collect all the garbage from the water and remove them. The device is based on autopilot technology. The company stated that the bot will not bother the aquatic life in its cleanup process.

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Clearbot is capable of collecting 250kg of garbage each day. One square kilometer can be cleared by the machine in 8 hours. Clearbots have been officially launched in November 2020. The machine emphasizes collecting wastes right out of the local drainage. It has a built-in camera that helps in the navigation process. The charge of renting the machine is 2000 US dollars for each of the devices. 


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