Climate Apocalypse Portrayed By Photographer

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Climate Apocalypse might have sounded like a fancy term a few decades ago. However, as things stand right now, the term is not at all farfetched. The rapidly growing society has seen a series of technological and industrial advancements. 

All these advancements have definitely made our life easier. Unfortunately, globalization has come with huge adversities. Large-scale industrialization has resulted in the pollution levels rising significantly. 

A number of harmful and toxic chemicals get released every day. Harmful fumes get mixed with the air causing air pollution. Harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide create a layer in our atmosphere. 

This layer traps the gases and eventually leads the temperature of the Earth to rise. This phenomenon is commonly known as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect can have a devastating effect on the planet. 

A significant rise in surface temperatures has been noticed in recent times. All these sudden and abnormal changes have led to climate change. Scientists fear that severe changes in climatic conditions might affect the Earth significantly. 

All these changes can also lead to the wiping out of the entire human population. Many animal and insect species are already facing the wrath of climatic anomalies. A lot of species are becoming endangered. Thus, it is very much important for us to take precautionary measures. In order to portray how the world appears after an apocalypse, a photographer has come up with an unique idea. 

Fabien Barrau is one of the best photographers in the world. He has released a series of photographs recently. The series has been termed “News From The Future”. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Climate Apocalypse Can Be A Real Thing 

The pictures released by Barrau portray some of the famous places of the world. Historical places and landmarks in countries such as England, America & France have been displayed in the images. 

The photographer has designed the images in such a way that it gives a sneak peek into the future. The images show that the monuments are drowned in the sand. 

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Everything appears brown and full of sand. Fabien stated that this would probably be how the world would look in the coming days. The constant climate anomalies would bring an inevitable climate apocalypse. 

The rising temperature of the Earth’s surface will make life impossible to thrive. The photographer used drone photography to process the images. Fabien wanted to use the pictures as an alarming sign. 

He wanted to convey the message that we should be more concerned about our climate. In order to save our planet, we should use sustainable measures to save the Earth’s climate apocalypse. 

Climate Apocalypse: We Need To Be Conscious 

Fabien Barrau tried to imagine what the world would be like after a climate apocalypse. He digitally designed cities with different climate extremities. 


In most of the pictures, the famous landmarks were seen covered with sand. However, other images portrayed monuments completely submerged into the water. Barrau stated that he wanted to present us with every possible outcome of a climate apocalypse. 

The artist stated that his main aim was to spread awareness among the mass. In order to save the Earth, all of us have to join hands. We need to be conscious about our deeds. Governments of different countries are trying to devise ways to control the level of pollution. 

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We need to act soon, or the drastically changing climate will destroy the Earth as we know. 

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