Climate Change: 90% Of Coal Usage Has To Be Cut To Keep Surface Temp Below 1.5°C

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Climate Change has been the single biggest threat to the modern world. Climate changes have major consequences such as global warming. Everyday activities release greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases are responsible for trapping the carbon components. The components of carbon cause the globe to get warmer. 

There have been earlier instances where climate changes have been noticed. However, the recent changes have resulted in drastic and alarming impacts on everyday life. The changing climate causes desertification. The temperature of the land tends to increase the most. This phenomenon is responsible for the scorching waves of heat and even wildfire. 

Rising temperatures have also resulted in the melting of the polar ice caps. If the melting continues, the levels of the sea would start rising. It would have a catastrophic effect on mankind. Many cities and civilizations would face the risk of being washed away. The rise in Earth’s surface temperature has caused many species to go extinct as well.

climate change 

Deforestation is a common occurrence nowadays. Forests are being cut down mercilessly by humans to provide for accommodation. The destruction of natural habitats has led to the extinction of species while endangering many. 

A recent report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change has produced some alarming statistics. The report states that the current temperature of the Earth’s surface stands at 1.2°C. This reading is well above the average temperature. The panel issued a warning that the temperature could rise to 1.5°C. Let us have a detailed account of the study below and learn about the resulting consequences. 

Climate Change Should Be Addressed Seriously 

The data produced by the Intergovernmental Panel has pressed the alarm bell. The surface temperature has shot up to 1.2°C. The measurements are well above the average estimation and could soon rise even more. The officials of the panel have stated that we should seriously address the problem of climate change. If we can sustain the surface temperature within 1.5°C, serious repercussions could be prevented. 

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Fossil fuels & coal are two of the most commonly used energy sources on the Earth. They make up more than eighty percent of the total energy consumption. However, burning them releases toxic components into the atmosphere. Coals and other fossil fuels add up to 89% of the artificially produced carbon dioxide. Immediate steps should be taken to reduce the usage of coal to prevent the Earth from further damage. 

Climate Change
Climate Change

Climate Change: Give Up Fossil Fuels To Save The Earth 

In order to save the Earth, a daunting task lies ahead of us. The organization has pointed out ways that can prevent temperatures from rising. The task looks very much difficult on paper. It can only be imagined how tough it will be to execute them practically. To maintain a healthy surface temperature, we have to give up the usage of fossil fuel and coal completely!

We have to reduce up to sixty percent of petroleum and other fossil fuels. Consumption of coal should be cut off by ninety percent, if not completely. However, these estimations do not guarantee success. No guarantee can be provided on how the world’s scenario will be in ten years. 

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The research asks many powerful countries to step in and opt out of fossil fuel reduction. This can be a serious issue for countries like Angola & Iraq which derives their chunk of revenue from oil. Alliances and policies have to be structured for the smooth functioning of the no carbon policy. Production of eco-friendly cars and electricity should be encouraged. All in all, climate change should be taken seriously if we want our civilization to thrive for years to come. 

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