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Canada Heatwave Records Highest Ever Temperature Under ‘Heat Dome’

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Some areas of Canada have recorded their highest ever temperatures. The record Canada heatwave is also affecting the upper north-west part of the US. The impact of climate change is becoming clearer with every season.

The average temperature for Canada around this period in a year is approximately 24C. However, on Sunday, in the village of Lytton in Canada’s British Columbia, the temperature reached 46.6C due to the Canada Heatwave. This is the highest ever in the entire country.

In areas in Vancouver, shelters for extreme heat were being set up. Those who did not have air conditioning in their homes could take refuge there. Others spent their time visiting the beach or splash parks in their locality. What’s worse is that the Canada Heatwave is forecast to get even warmer.

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The extreme Canada heatwave is because of an atmospheric dome of high pressure covering the region. It is identical with punishing conditions that befell other states in the South-West and California. Johanna Wagstaffe, a meteorologist, explained that a heat dome basically means a large ridge of high pressure. So there is the air that sinks surrounding the high pressure. This then becomes a cap that locks and cooks the air under it. However, a heat dome of such strength is unprecedented.

Canada Heatwave Is Not The Only One

There were new records for temperature set in Oregon’s Salem and Portland, and Wahington’s Seattle as well. In Seattle, the average high during June is about 21.1C. But now the temperature record was 45C. As a result, the area is ill-equipped for such high temperatures. Businesses and schools have all been forced to close down. Even a public pool had to be closed.

canada heatwave

The current state of the area’s infrastructure is a clear indicator of the impact climate change has on the economy. Jake Edgar, a Portland restaurant chef said that everything was shutting down with everyone stuck inside.

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The Canada heatwave has even damaged a highway in Washington. In Seattle, workers are being forced to hose down drawbridges at least two times to keep them functional.

Experts claim that such individual events of extreme weather like the Canada heatwave may not be direct results of climate change. However, such unusual patterns of weather and increasing global temperatures can become commoner, they said.

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