Climate Change Overview Of 2021

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Climate Change concerns are gaining significant ground. Globalization has a huge role to play in the changing climatic trends. Mankind has progressed in leaps. This has led to a number of good and bad things happening. 

One of the biggest cons has been the threat to the environment. Most human inventions have caused major damages to Mother Earth. The more technologically efficient we have become, the more we have impacted the environment. 

Pollution is a major source of environmental contamination. Industrial and technological wastes cause a lot of environmental hazards. Water pollution, Air pollution are the two most dreadful factors that contribute to the changing climate. 

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Greenhouse effects and Global warming have made the whole world sit up and take notice. Countries are busy devising ways to curb the polluting factors. A recent study has provided us with some shocking results. 

Climate Change
Climate Change

A charity organization, namely, Christan Aid has conducted a study on the impacts of climate change. It has been found out that the changing climate has caused millions of people to suffer. The study has shortlisted ten catastrophic events of 2021. 

All these events are believed to be triggered by the change in the climate. The disasters have inflicted damage worth 1.5 billion dollars. 2021 was not a pleasant year for the world. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic plagued the world significantly. 

People lost their jobs and thousands suffered terribly. Various waves of the virus in several countries also left the economies in tatters. To top people’s miseries, there were two biggest natural calamities in 2021. The United States of America was hit by the “Ida” in the month of August. 

The Hurricane left massive parts of America devastated. The European floods also wrecked during the month of July. Let us learn more about the impacts of climate change in detail below. 

Climate Change And Its Impact: The Hurricane 

Dr. Friederike Otto is one of the most famous climate experts in the world. He has analyzed the ongoing situation and termed it as alarming. Dr.Otto stated that natural calamities are the result of the changing climate. 

Climate Change
Climate Change

What was shocking is the changes are most likely caused by human activities. Another study was conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They published some terrifying reports for the inhabitants of the Earth. The study says that the Earth will likely be more prone to cyclones and natural disasters in the future. 

IPCC has directly held global warming responsible for these events. Hurricane “Ida” affected Louisiana the most. Thousands of people abandoned their homes as the storm swept through the city. The hurricane resulted in huge rainfall and led to terrible flash floods.

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 As many as ninety-five people were killed. The tally of financial losses tallied up to 65 billion dollars. 

Climate Change And Its Impact: The European Floods

The second most impactful disaster was the European floods. Countries like France and Germany experienced massive floods in July. The force of the water was significantly high. 

It claimed a total of 240 lives and caused financial damage worth forty-three billion dollars. Aon, a leading insurance company, has stated that insurance claims have reached $100billion in 2021. This was the fourth instance in five years when natural disasters have led to claims worth $100b. 

Climate change also resulted in floods in southern parts of Sudan. The Tauktae cyclone hit India and parts of the Maldives and Sri Lanka. These two disasters affected 800,000 and 200,000 people respectively. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that Climate Change needs to be stopped immediately. 

Otherwise, the world might plunge into darkness due to the ill effects of Climate Change. Studies have also asked for measures to prevent emissions of carbon to a large extent. 

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