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Climate Change Taking A Serious Toll On The Insects

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Climate Change is a topic that is currently plaguing the whole world. With time, the human population has evolved and so has technology. Researchers and scientists come up with new inventions every day. 

Unfortunately, all of these inventions are not good for Mother Earth. Rapid globalization has led to many drawbacks. Most of them come as adversities to the Earth. Modern inventions such as vehicles and other electronically enabled devices have contributed a lot to pollution. 

Vehicles are usually powered by non-renewable sources like petrol and diesel. These substances give out harmful fumes on burning. Gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide can be disastrous to nature.


Devices such as refrigerators and air conditioners produce CFC(chlorofluorocarbon). All these substances mix with the air and form a blanket over our atmosphere. The blanket formed by the harmful gases restricts the ventilation of natural air. 

This in turn leads to drastic climate change. The Earth becomes similar to a greenhouse and global warming follows. Global warming has a number of severe drawbacks. They result in the rise of the Earth’s surface temperature. This leads to the melting of the polar ice caps. 

The animal kingdom has also not been spared from the consequences. Many exotic species are getting extinct due to climatic anomalies. Coral reefs are turning white. Another major issue has been found with the rapidly changing climate. The insects are being severely harmed by climate change. 

The whimsical nature of the climate is causing an imbalance in the insect population. Most of the species are being forced to abandon their natural habitat. 

This is resulting in many species facing the danger of extinction. On an estimate, almost half of the insect population is being feared to be perishing soon. Let us shed some more light on the topic in detail below. 

Climate Change Consequences Might Wipe Off The Insects 

Older studies depicted that the insect population would not be much bothered by Climate Change. The researchers stated that insects have a great power of adaptability. This might protect them from the wrath of the changing climate. 

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Unfortunately, the recent scenario is far worse than what was expected. The Earth is getting hotter day by day. Scientists fear that the surface temperature might reach an unbearable 3.2°. This would result in more than half of the insects losing their habitat. 

This would be a huge disaster for the population as all of them are not equally swift. Many insects do not have wings and some are quite slow for relocation. Rachel Warren is an expert biologist. She practices at the University of East Anglia. 

Warren published her research where she elaborated on the topic. Insects like dragonflies are fast enough to relocate swiftly. However, insects like butterflies are prone to vulnerability. They tend to become lethargic while going through changes in their cycles. 

Climate Change: Bad News For Insects 

Climate Change will also affect plant life substantially. Crops and plants are less likely to survive the hostile temperatures. This will eventually result in the perishing of some insects. Insects like bees thrive on nectar. 


The mass destruction of the forests has already made life tougher for the bees. If the flowers cease to grow then it would be even difficult for them to survive. The bumblebees are used to surviving extremely cold temperatures. 

However, climate change will present the bees with an exact opposite scenario. Analysts fear that the species of the bees will disappear within 2050 due to climate change. 

Thus, climate change should immediately be prevented. Serious measures must be taken up to restore the climate. 

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A rapidly changing climate might soon endanger not only the insects but also the human population. 

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