Coal Mine Transformation Example Set By Norway

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Coal Mine Transformation example has been set by the country of Norway. In the most astonishing of transformation, Norway has revamped an entire coal mine into a tourist spot! The coal mine that was situated near the Arctic, is now visited by thousands. The place has been an instant hit and is visited by a significant number of tourists. The government has taken the initiative to transform the entire coal mine into one large National Park. This is one of the most beautiful and remarkable Coal Mine transformation in recent history. 

Coal Mine Transformation: Best Out Of Waste By Norway

Coal Mine Transformation

The whole area was a barren coalfield with no signs of greenery. The government decided to restore the land with lush green forest. The idea might sound wonderful but it is very challenging. A lot of hard work and effort needed to be put into fulfilling the dream. The government divided the area into small parts. This enabled smooth workflow with productive results. 

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The estimated size of the proposed National Park is expected to surpass the Wyoming Grand Teton.  The Grand Teton is ranked among one of the world’s biggest temperate ecosystems. The transformed coal mine is already on the must-visit list of tourists. Norway aims to transform several other coal mines as well. 

Coal Mine Transformation

Van Mijenfjord is situated in Svalbard Archipelago. According to the reports, the plan a to convert the mine into a natural habitat for arctic animals. Species like Seals &  Polar Bears, are facing the threat of extinction. Climate change has impacted animals in a great way. Loss of natural habitat is a common phenomenon due to rising global warming. 

The Coal Mine Transformation aims at the restoration of natural habitat as well as tourist benefits. The proposed plan focuses on setting up one Geopark. The vast area of 23000 sq miles will consist of fifteen sanctuaries for birds, seven national parks & six reserves. These will take up about ⅔ portions of the entire stretch. The area comprises eighty different bird species and three thousand polar bears. All in all, Norway is leading the way in nature preservation and restoration. One should salute them and take a leaf out of their book to make the Earth greener. 

Image credit: Dag Avango

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