Coca-Cola Tops Chart As Most Littered Brand In The UK

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Coca-Cola might be on the top of your soft drinks list but it has also topped the chart in terms of trash collected from the beaches in the UK. A yearly analysis had confirmed these statistics.

Surfers Against Sewage had held their yearly audit and analyzed that Coca-Cola was on the top of their lists. This analysis was presented at a beach cleaning event. Coka made up 65% of branded pollution, alongside 11 other brands.


The enormous amount of plastic waste and package pollution comes directly from large companies and top brands. The offenders such as Coca-Cola are still not taking any responsibility to clean up their act, as stated by the CEO, Hugo Tagholm.

The group hosted a Million Mile Clean and had this audit based on that. 50,000 volunteers had stepped up for this event and cleaned 350,000 miles. They had collected 26,900 items that included packaging from 11th May till the 23rd. 

Coca-Cola Included In The “Dirty Dozen” Since 2019

The “Dirty Dozen” includes Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Aldi, Mars, Haribo, Suntory, Carlsberg Group, Tesco, Heineken, Mondelez International, McDonald’s, and Anheuser-Bush InBev. The top 12 pollution brands were analyzed: Coca-Cola, Walkers, Aldi, Haribo, Stella Artois, Mars-Wrigley, Budweiser, Costa Coffee, Lucozade, Tesco, McDonald’s, and Cadbury.

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Coke was found to be a repeat offender and had taken the top spot since 2019. The pandemic has not affected this list in any way. 

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Stella Artois has moved up in the top 12 brands while Anheuser-Bush InBev moved from 8 to 3 in the list. The closing of bars in the pandemic had increased alcohol consumption in the public settings, which might be the reason for this rise.

The non-branded litter accounts for 63% of such items. Cigarette butts made up 25% of them. PPE was found to be responsible for 2.5% of all wastes found.

The analysis confirmed that 30% of litter was eliminated through a DRS. The organization believes in an “all-in” deposit where governments should hold these brands responsible and accountable for such wastes. They should turn off plastic pollution and companies like Coca-Cola should be held responsible for the increase in such.

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