Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021: When Life Gives You Lemons, Look At These Hilarious Animals

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Animals have emotions just like us. So it only stands to reason that they show them. To that end, the best emotion is when they are humorous. That brings us to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021, the annual competition where photographers send in their funniest snaps. This year, the competition has been even more popular, with even more entries flowing in. The schedule says we will not be knowing the winner till next fall. But that does not mean we should not enjoy the entries so far!

Here are some of the best picks so far from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021:

Gymnastics Show:

comedy wildlife photography awards

This photo is named “Yoga Bittern”, taken by KT Wong. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 entrant depicts the yellow bittern balancing using the stalks of two lotus flowers. Wong explains that the bittern was trying to get a comfortable pose as it was preparing to hunt. Wong managed to get the shot just as it was between the two stalks. A balancing act that gymnasts could take note of perhaps?

Pucker Up For A Kiss:

comedy wildlife photography awards

Snapped by Philipp Stahr, the picture is titled “Sweet Lips Are for Kissing”. Stahr wrote that this was a scene from a place called Curacao in the Dutch Caribbean. The fish in the pictures is known as a boxfish. Stahr explains that taking pictures of this fish is especially difficult. They are easy enough to approach but turns away the moment it detects interest. He added that at this moment, he just turned his camera around as fast as possible. He only pointed and shot and hoped that the boxfish will not be out of focus. Luckily for him, the beautiful lips were on full display!

Pandemic Lockdown

comedy wildlife photography awards

This cute picture of a family of raccoons was taken by Kevin Biskaborn. Titled “Quarantine Life”, the picture shows a litter of kits which are eastern raccoons huddled inside their den. Kevin writes that these kits are just as eager to step outside and explore, but they are stuck with their family isolating. At first, only the kids were seen, but soon the mother took a peek. Instantly, all the children clambered over the mother and their siblings. Everyone wanted to take a look! This a scene in Canada’s Southwestern Ontario.

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The Weekend Is Here!

comedy wildlife photography awards

The picture has the name “Yay – It’s Friday!” and was taken by Lucy Beveridge. A springbok is “pronking” in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Lucy managed to catch it while it was in midair with a beautiful background lighting provided by a setting sun. Its legs and its ears all aim at it jumping for joy, which is thought to be one of the reasons why a springbok pronks. But no one knows for sure, and other reasons include attracting mates as well as warding off predators.

Throwing A Tantrum

comedy wildlife photography awards

This comedy wildlife photography awards 2021 entrant focuses on a baby hippo seemingly crying his lungs out in his mother’s ears. Titled “Cranky Hippo”, the picture was snapped by Rohin Bakshi. Bakshi gave a possible explanation that the baby hippo wanted the mother to pay attention to him. But mother seemingly did not heed his cries. As a result, the baby is possibly throwing a tantrum in this entry for the comedy wildlife photography awards. It would seem being a parent is difficult for everyone, no matter the species, eh.

Off Target

comedy wildlife photography awards

The picture taken by Lea Scaddan is called “Missed!” Western Gray Kangaroos often fight with each other by kicking each other while balancing on their tails. These two were in the middle of a fight like that. But it would seem, the right one’s kick aimed at his opponent’s stomach missed. Or was it the left one pulling off some quick dodges in this entry for the comedy wildlife photography awards? Do not be alarmed, however, this is par for the course in the wild for kangaroos.

No Fight Is Impossible

comedy wildlife photography awards

This picture is the aftermath of a deadly duel between a Bald eagle and a prairie dog. Arthur Trevino caught the moment just as the eagle had missed while trying to grab the prairies dog. The eagle hunts by swooping down from the air to catch its prey with its razor-sharp claws. However, as it went in to catch it again, the prairie dog stood up to the eagle and startled him! That bough it enough time to get to safety. The picture is named “Bald Eagle Gets a Surprise”.

Too Funny

comedy wildlife photography awards

Giovanni Querzani’s picture depicts a humorous scene from Tanzania’s famous National Park called Serengeti. The young lion is quite literally rolling on the floor laughing. But what might he be laughing at? Giovanni says that it is probably his skills in comedy wildlife photography.

This Looks Bad…

comedy wildlife photography awards

Txema Garcia Laseca humorously titled this photo for the comedy wildlife photography awards is “Houston – we’ve got a problem!” The astonished expression of the fish caught by a fisher bird is almost comedic. Perhaps this is the beginning of a film for the fish.

Monday Blues

comedy wildlife photography awards

No one likes going back to work on Mondays. Andrew Mayes snapped the picture titled “Monday Morning Mood” in the South African Nature Reserve in Rietvlei. He was focusing on a flock of Pied Starlings when one of them gave him the sour look. Andrew could not help but think of Monday mornings in this entry for the comedy wildlife photography awards.

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Because I’m Happy!

comedy wildlife photography awards

Tom Svensson took the snap for the comedy wildlife photography awards of the surfing penguins, frolicking in the sea. The penguins were having fun surfing and landing on the shore, so much so that they kept doing it. Anyone reminded of the animated movie “Surf’s Up”?

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