Contributing To The World Environment Day 2021: Our Future Needs Our Daily Sacrifices

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We are angry when we see waste but do not seem to realize that when it comes to our planet, it is one thing that we all have in common. We take for granted the beauty and the goodness that nature offers us; the beauty, the color, the bounty, and the diversity. And showing our commitment once a year doing just that on World Environment Day 2021 seems hip, but is it enough? Even as we are forced to stay away from nature due to our work commitments, we still long to go back to it and realize how much we are drawn to it.   

And spending time caring for our environment could be the best minutes we spend in a day. And we each need to put in that little bit every day. Because even a small band of thoughtful and committed/dedicated citizens can change the face of the earth. Like it always has.

World Environment Day 2021: Every Person Is A Stakeholder

Because in the end, the environment is where we have a common ground. We all share in that mutual interest. And the World Environment Day 2021 on June 5 is as good a time as any to renew that commitment.

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Because it has become not just a matter of concern for a handful of conservationists, it is also an issue of the greatest apprehension for everybody resident of the plant. And the danger signs are all around for all to see.

A Collective Contribution

We made a collective contribution to this unholy mess, and it is our shared duty to extricate the planet from it. Let us remember this for World Environment Day 2021. Every day brings with it new technological advances and drastic changes in our habits. And each passing day also pulls us away from our moorings. Every natural calamity, every degree of warming, serves to warn us that we may have come close to the tipping point, the point of no return. For the earth can heal itself, and every creature big or small instinctively realizes that, save man.

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Ignoring The Glaring Signposts

The pandemic is just a crossroad in our journey to doom. Every natural calamity is a not so gentle reminder of the protest against this assault by just one species on this planet. We momentarily take note of the intense assaults like the frequent hurricanes, ignoring more gentle reminders as the total environment perceptibly changes for the worse.

Species are dying out at a pace never seen before. And for the first time, as ice levels in the Arctic hit record lows thanks to climate change, a ship sailing from Russia pioneered a new Arctic route and became the first ship to cross the Arctic Ocean. And this is just another chapter in the spate of negative climate change news.  

We cannot go through a single day without having an impact on our environment. And each World Environment Day 2021 is a gentle reminder that we need to quickly decide the kind of difference we want to make.

The pandemic has made situations worse. It has made us use more plastic.  A study by the United Nations Environment Program has revealed that we need to ramp up investment several times to catch up with future climate change targets. ‘Generation Restoration’ is the theme for World Environment Day 2021.

Only fundamental changes in both communal and economic values can help us restore our diverse ecosystem. And that needs cooperation from every affected party to this change, nations, corporations, and individuals.

Changes At Both The Micro And The Macro Level

We should not expect the government and the big corporations to repair the environment for us. We at our level can continue with the repair. And World Environment Day 2021 is just the right day to make a beginning. Every home has its backyard or at least a roof. Urban gardening can help create tiny pockets of greenery that add up to a lot.

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 We need to act now and get everyone possible on board. We each need to understand the complex nature of our relationship with the environment and realize that every act of ours has some effect on it, the energy we consume, the materials we use, the food we eat, and the lifestyle we adopt. And it will take more than World Environment Day 2021 to plan and make a start in our small way. For we are here not to conquer nature but learn to live with it.

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