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Couple Grows Chairs Naturally In UK

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Couple grows chairs in a unique fashion in the United Kingdom. The world is currently plagued with a lot of environmental hazards. Global warming, greenhouse effects have been a constant area of threat. 

Large-scale pollution is also one of the major causes of the deterioration of the Earth’s environment. A simple solution to the problem would have been to plant more trees. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Rapid industrialization has led to large-scale deforestation. The loss of forest cover has endangered the Earth significantly. 

Recent research has portrayed that the Earth’s greenery has reduced at an alarming rate over the last decade. Without trees, there would be a lot of hazards for mankind. 

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Trees are a rich source of oxygen which is essential to support life on the Earth. The trees also absorb carbon dioxide. Mass destruction of the trees would mean more carbon content in the atmosphere. 

Excess carbon in the air would eventually make the atmosphere volatile. Thus, we need to consciously stress planting more trees. This is the same idea from which a couple grows chairs in England. 

A recent news has been going viral about a couple in the UK. They are manufacturing chairs without actually cutting down the trees. This might sound very odd, but the process has already gathered a significant amount of interest. 

Gavin Munro and Alice Munro are residents of England. They have decided to grow the trees in such a way that it takes the shape of a chair. The duo has set up a large farm of furniture in Derbyshire. 

The couple has already started producing natural furniture on a commercial scale. Let us learn more about how the couple grows chairs in detail below. 

Couple Grows Chairs Without Chopping Trees

The attention of a lot of people has been attracted to the way the couple grows chairs. The couple stated that they are against the procedure of cutting down a fully grown tree. 

The trees are then needed to be processed artificially in order to give them the desired shape. Gavin and Alice together have till now produced a significant amount of their products. 

The farm is currently nurturing close to fifty tables, one hundred lamps, and two fifty chairs. Gavin stated that it was more convenient to mold the tree into the required shape. He referred to the process as Zen 3d printing. 


The idea initially hit Gavin in his childhood. Gavin saw an old tree that appeared like a chair. Gavin started his business all by himself in the year 2006. 

After he got married in 2012, Alice encouraged him to expand his idea. The couple set up a full-fledged farm and started to work towards their dream. 

Couple Grows Chairs: The Journey 

The initial path was not very smooth for the duo. The process by which the couple grows chairs was met with hurdles. The very first of their efforts ended in disaster. 

After the couple planted a crop, it got trampled by grazing cows. Subsequent crops were also damaged by either rabbits or dogs. Gavin and Alice also spent a lot of time learning the proper procedure for growth. 

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They learned how to mold the tree into shapes without harming the growth pattern. Environmentalists have heaped praises on the way the couple grows chairs. They have welcomed their idea and encouraged them to carry on. 

However, there are a few downsides to the process. Since it is a completely natural process, the furniture takes years to grow. A chair on average takes six to nine years to grow. 

The couple grows chairs that take a year more to dry properly. As a lot of labor is put into the making of the furniture, these items are very costly. $12,480 is the cost of a single chair while the tables cost around $15,600. 

Despite the adversities, the process by which the couple grows chairs is praiseworthy. 

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