Croatia Six-Legged Race A Great Entertainment For Residents

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Croatia Six-Legged Race has put smiles back on the faces of the residents. The world has been plagued by the ill effects of a pandemic. It has been almost two years now the coronavirus has left people mentally distraught. It is very much required for all individuals to find joy and solace in some form or the other.

The Croatia Six-Legged Race provided the most appropriate entertainment to the people. The event took place in Crikvenica. The event saw people with their pet dogs take part in fun game shows. The event demanded the contestants to prove their merits both on land and water. It seemed to be the perfect fun day one can spend to rejuvenate their mental health. Let us learn more about this lively incident below. 

Croatia Six-Legged Race An Instant Hit

It is always said that a dog is a man’s best friend. The loyalty and fidelity portrayed by dogs are undying. They are one of the loyal pets one can lay their hands on. A recent scientific study has stated that petting a dog can reduce the stress levels in an individual.  However, most of the masters are not aware of another secret quality of their pet friend. Dogs can be great at athletic competitions. They love to play and if trained properly can win you trophies as well! 

Croatia Six-Legged Race

The Croatia Six-Legged Race was organized at the beach area of Crikvenica. It was one of the fewest pet-friendly beaches in Croatia. A total of thirteen teams appeared for the competition. The event was filled with fun-filled games like running & swimming. A special event involved drinking and eating at a fast rate. A video has been posted by Reuters online. It depicts dogs alongside their humans taking part in a race. 

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Jagoda was the winner of speed eating. The dog was given to gorge on its favorite snack-ice cream! Jelena Lesaja was Jagoda’s master. Lesaja stated that the dog had a bad habit of eating everything. Thus it was very important to ensure the dog didn’t eat any harmful garbage. The Croatia Six-Legged Race was praised and adored by everyone. 

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