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Crocodile shocks everyone by returning a drowned child’s body to the rescue team in Indonesia

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Residents of the Indonesian town of Muara Jawa were shocked when they saw a huge crocodile carrying the body of a drowned child whose family had been unable to find it.

The body was recovered from the Mahakam River in the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan.

Body of a 4-year-old is returned to his family.

Muhammad Ziyad Wijaya, 4, was reported missing from the East Kalimantan region, close to the Jawa Estuary, two days prior. The boy had been searched for by East Kalimantan Basarnas Search and Rescue Agency personnel.

Shocking video captured the massive crocodile moving through the water with the child on its back in Borneo’s Mahakam River. The 10-foot-long reptile was discovered by perplexed fishermen as it swam approximately 700 feet across the tidal bay in the direction of a boat.

The boy’s body was found alongside a boat, where two guys can be seen bringing the boy’s body aboard. Crocodiles are known for being among nature’s most vicious predators. The crocodile let the boy go and then slithered back into the water next to the rescue boat.

There are no signs The boy was killed by a crocodile.

According to local media sites, the boy seemed to have no bite marks.

It was previously reported that the young boy drowned in the Mahakam River while playing alone behind his Muara Jawa home.


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