Cute Baby Elephant Hiding Behind Pole Caught In The Act

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Today’s post about animal-related news that had taken social media platforms by storm is about another baby elephant. We have already seen the many different antics they get up to. This time, it is about a rare picture of a baby elephant hiding behind a pole. Hiding may not be the correct word but we will let you judge.

Animal posts are known for their adorable nature and how they can turn anyone’s day sunny. And the animals that are caught most in action are usually elephants. Baby elephants are even more special as they are just small enough to be cute as well. Now, this time the baby elephant hiding has nothing to do with any human devices. Instead, the young animal was trying to be, what can only be called, sneaky.

The Baby Elephant Hiding Was Not Sneaky Enough

The baby elephant hiding post was originally from Thailand. There, elephant sightings are quite common especially when it is a bit further away from the cities. Chiang Mai is one such place in Thailand where there are huge fields of sugarcane. It has been seen in other viral videos of how hungry elephants are for sugarcane. This baby elephant was no exception.

Late at night, the humans tending to the field had gone out on patrol to see if their sugarcane fields did not have any intruders. Little did they know about what was going on. There was a thief alright, and it was too big to be sneaky and escape. So as the humans were patrolling, they found this baby elephant hiding and peeking out from behind a pole at the edge of the field.

The patrollers did not miss the opportunity to take a priceless cute photo of the animal. The baby elephant hiding was playful enough. So it had possibly wandered into the sugarcane field without knowing about how to escape. Its nightly feast was, however, rudely interrupted by the human patrol.

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The baby did know that being caught by the humans in their area was not a good thing. So it took prompt action when it caught a glimpse of the approaching humans. It could have run away into the darkness of the night, maybe even made a dash to escape through the humans. But no! The intelligent creature thought that the best thing it could do was hide. That way it can remain in the sugarcane field to continue its feast even after the patrol is gone. Of course, provided the baby elephant hiding does not get caught.

Elephants Cannot Stay Away From Sugarcane

Twitter and Facebook users were very amused by the picture. The baby elephant hiding has become a moment of adoration. Earlier on, another viral post had shown the lengths elephants go for sugarcane and bananas. In this one, the elephant had climbed up on a truck to get them!

But to the baby elephant’s dismay, the humans did spot him in his hiding place. As you can see from the picture, it was not exactly the best spot for the baby elephant hiding, given the difference in size. Nevertheless, even when the locals shone their spotlight on it, the baby elephant’s confidence did not waver. So, reportedly, the baby elephant also stood as still as it could, without being alarmed or scared at being spotted. Perhaps it believed that being still helped in the baby elephant hiding.

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Nevertheless, it did not pan out successfully. The baby elephant could not get any more sugarcane and was chased out. The Thai Facebook post, however, recognized the humor in the situation. Its caption read: “Keep calm. Officers will see. Let’s continue eating sugarcane.”

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