Depressed Tiger Seen Continuously Walking In Circles In Beijing Zoo

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Recently a heart-breaking video has emerged that shows a Bengal tiger that is present in captivity walking in endless circles. The depressed tiger exhibits such anomalous behavior due to the reason that he is held captive in a tiny space in the zoo located in China. As a result, he is walking in continuous circles in that small enclosure.

This video immediately went viral on the Internet and people all over the world expressed their concern regarding this abnormal behavior by this depressed tiger. The tiger is seen going round and round in that small outdoor space. Tourists and visitors are also seen to be overlooking this depressed tiger walking in the enclosure in circles.

Depressed Tiger

Credits Asiawire

The depressed tiger is kept in a Beijing Zoo where the officials have informed that the tiger was provided with ‘psychological counseling’. They elaborated that as soon as the keepers noticed this strange behavioral pattern from the Bengal tiger, they gave him all the necessary attention.

On the other hand, the counseling seemed to have no positive effect. The clipping has successfully managed to garner over 10 million views within a short span of time. The video shows the seemingly depressed tiger pacing non-stop in a circular pattern that makes a mark on the ground in the enclosure.

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Viral Footage Of A Depressed Tiger

Many of the people who saw this video on the internet seemed extremely worried about such behavior. Activists and animal lovers have raised concerns over the mental health of this big captive cat kept in the Beijing zoo.

One of the viewers even wrote that the depressed tiger does not have enough space that is leading to his mental illness. Another concerned viewer suggested that the tiger must be immediately attended to. Many others commented on their concerns and possible solutions.

The zoo of Beijing made a public announcement soon after the video went viral and people across the world poured in their concerns. The officials stated that soon after the depressed tiger started showing such strange behavior, he was taken off from the display. The Bengal Tiger was also given proper care and attention.

One of the staff members also added that they have never seen such behavior from any of the animals that have stayed in their zoo earlier. The Beijing zoo also claimed that this depressed tiger is certainly being provided with the best facility and psychological counseling. Hence, the tiger can be expected to return to its normal behavior very soon.

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Proper Care & Counselling For Animals

The zookeeper has further added that they have provided all the necessary toys and food appropriate for tigers along with a big open space. The Bengal tiger is also receiving behavior training in order to help him get back to his normal state as soon as possible.

The video was very disturbing for numerous animal lovers who seemed appalled by it. Many animal rights groups demanded better treatment and facilities for animals that will help in retaining their normal state more easily.

Zoon usually plays a key role in keeping the balance in nature and fulfilling many important environmental functions. However, many animal rights groups repeatedly attacked zoos for their insensitive and maltreatment towards the animals. Many have also stated that such anomalous behavior can be expected from the animals who have stayed in zoos for a longer period of time.

Zoos are normally seen as ‘collections’ of several interesting animals and bringing them together under one shelter. However, PETA had mentioned that this strange behavior by this depressed tiger had nothing to do with the environment.

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