Caring Diver Helps Confused Baby Octopus In Plastic Cup, With A Shell

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Our beautiful oceans are being polluted in every way possible and these are always viewed on the internet. Such a story is seen where divers found an octopus in plastic cup. We read such stories every day and it makes us work harder against water pollution. Plastic is one of the common wastes that are found in the waters. Industries and domestic wastes include tonnes of plastic that are finally dumped into the oceans instead of recycling.

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More than 300,000 tons of waste are ditched into the oceans, especially plastic wastes. Plastics and various other heavy metals pollute the water bodies as well as harm the water life that survives in them. The creatures swallow this waste or get trapped in them. These pollutants cause a chain reaction in the water’s food chain as it travels from one creature to another through predation.

A video became viral over the internet where a diver convinced a baby octopus to trade a plastic cup for a bunch of seashells. 

The Baby Octopus In Plastic Cup

Pall Sigurdsson was one of the members of the diving team who witnessed this incident. This video was made in Lembeh, Indonesia. Pall is a diving enthusiast, coming from Iceland. He enjoys recording animals’ videos in their natural habitats, under the water. 

octopus in plastic cup

He was on his third dive for the day and felt exhausted till his friend signaled him for help. His friend had found a tiny octopus in plastic cup.

Meeting The Octopus In Plastic Cup

Pall believes that octopi are intelligent creatures and can use trash to make their homes. Due to a high rate of pollution, the octopi consider trash to be part of their natural environment. Octopi have soft tentacles and these plastics do not provide any protection at all. These wastes can be considered to be a death sentence.

octopus in plastic cup

The diving team was so busy helping the octopus in plastic cup that they started running out of oxygen. Finally, they succeeded in making the octopus change its home.

Veined octopi are known as ‘coconut octopi’ as they hunt for coconut shells to make their homes. When these coconuts are absent, the octopi go for plastic cups or containers. 

The octopi are left unguarded against their hunters and it also causes trouble for the predators if they consume the creature along with the plastic. The plastic cycle will continue in the ocean if that predator gets attacked by another bigger hunter. 

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Pall had to be patient and offer the baby octopus in plastic cup, some shells. It left its shelter, which is the plastic cup, and crawled slowly towards the shell. The tiny octopus forgot about the other half of the protection when the diver offered him another shell. The baby octopus felt safe and protected in its newfound home.

octopus in plastic cup

Pall believes that trashes are common occurrences due to oceanic currents. Some days bring in huge amounts of the trash while other days are fine. 

Plastics Cause More Damage Underneath

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Plastic is one of the deadliest pollutants in the Oceans. Most of these pollutants sink under the surface. People talk about the trash that is above the surface but the most harm is caused by the ones that sink under. Pall said that the plastic straws are just the tip of the iceberg. The main work against water pollution should be done under the surface of the Ocean where the creatures live peacefully.

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