Dog Saves Hiker By Cuddling His Master

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Dog saves hiker in the most unexpected fashion. Dogs are always known to be a man’s best friend. They are one of the most loyal animals present in the world. The amount of loyalty a pet dog can show is beyond imagination. Dogs are one of the most socially engaging animals. They love to get attention. 

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A little affectionate behavior is enough to get them to love you. A symbiotic relationship has been formed between dogs and humans. A recent incident has once again proved that dogs can be lifesaving as pets. The news of a dog protecting his stranded master has gone viral. 

Grga Brkic decided to go for a hike on New Year’s weekend. He wanted to have some adventure as a fresh year started. However, things went horribly wrong with him, and the way the day saves hiker is a stunning story. The pet dog is being treated as a hero after what he did with his master. 

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Brkic went hiking in the Velebit ranges of Croatia along with two of his friends. He also carried his eight months old pet dog with him. This was one of the best decisions of his life. It was a tough hike for all three hikers. The mountains were covered with snow which made them slippery.

The snow cover also made it difficult for people to look for crevices. The cold wintery weather only added to the agony. While hiking, things did not go according to plan with Brkic. He suddenly lost his footing and fell down into the mountain. 

Brkic had a fall of almost five hundred meters. As he lay in the mountains injured, both of his fellow hikers rushed and called for help. In the meantime, his little pet dog took matters into its hands. It cuddled up on Brkic to keep him warm

The dog did not abandon his master and continuously tried to maintain the hiker’s body temperature. The dog did succeed in its mission as the rescue team arrived soon after and took the hiker to the hospital. Here is how the rescue team found the duo: 

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Dog Saves Hiker In Snowy Mountains 

It could have been the worst night in the life of Brkic. Luckily for him, his pet dog was there to save his day. When the rescue team finally arrived, they were shocked. They could not believe the courage the little puppy showed in the adverse atmospheric conditions.

 The team was fascinated by how the dog saves hiker. Brkic was rescued by the team from a height of 5905 ft above the level of the sea. The rescue operation was conducted by the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. 

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They took a picture of the adorable scene and posted it on Facebook. The rescuers applauded the dog and admired the friendship of the two. The little puppy did not leave his master even after the team arrived. He kept lying on top of Brkic as he was carried away on a stretcher. 

Dog Saves Hiker And Goes Viral 

The Facebook post had an elaborate caption of how the dog saves the hiker. It went viral immediately. The team stated on the post that the love between human and dogs are well beyond known boundaries. 

They also summarized the heroics of the dog. How the dog did not lose courage and kept its master warm for almost thirteen hours. Comments started coming in from every part of the world. 

Most of them congratulated Brkic on successfully making it out of the danger. Others expressed their astonishment at how a little dog saves hiker in a way no one could imagine. Brkic termed his pet dog to be a miracle. 

The hiker admitted that without his pet, he would not have survived. The rescue team found it very difficult to reach Brkic because of the snow. Currently, the hiker is undergoing treatments and is out of danger. 

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