This Life-Size Dog Statue Of A Labrador Has A Charming Tale To Tell

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People walking down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston have come across the sweet dog statue of a Labrador peeping out of a stone fence, searching for a ball lying nearby.

Alice Fay was also startled, pleasantly though, when she espied a Labrador peeping out of a gap in a stone fence, apparently on the lookout for a ball lying near. The avenue is a lovely street, lined with trees on either side. She has been a regular walker on this street, but it was the first time that she noticed the head jutting out of the fence.

Fay said that she was talking with her sister when she was startled to see the head pointing out of the fence. She passed by and then again turned to get a closer look, realizing that it was a dog statue. It was the cutest sight she had ever seen.

dog statue

Fay presumed that the dog statue was put up in memory of a pet that some family had lost, and she felt sad. She took some pictures and posted them on her Facebook account out of curiosity.

She wanted to call up the residents of the house to know the story behind it but decided that it would feel weird to intrude into a home.

The Story Behind The Dog Statue

She learned that the statue was erected by Steve Woodsum and Anne Lovett and the statue was that of Piper, their Labrador.

Lovett said that she always wished to add something interesting to her front yard. She wanted it to be visually striking and unique for people passing by. The dog statue is a piece of joy for people in the neighborhood

The couple appointed Jim Sardonis, a sculptor, back in 2006, to sculpt a life-size statue of their Labrador, Piper. When Sardonis saw the Labrador sticking his neck out of the fence, he decided that it was just the right pose for a dog statue.  

Lovett got the idea of the ball. Piper was fond of chasing balls. It was a deft touch that people might miss at first sight. But maybe they might notice it after a couple of times.

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The dog statue has been peeping out of the fence for the past 17 years and has been delighting passersby and neighbors. But you would need a bit of luck not to miss her.

The dog statue is especially loved by children in the neighborhood. They love to pat their head; the reason the color is a bit lighter on its head.

All image credits: Alice Fay/The Dodo

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