Dog With Tumor Adopted By Kindhearted Man

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Our story comes from Argentina where a dog with tumor was adopted by a loving man so that the dog can live the remaining days getting the love it deserves. The man wanted the dog to receive unconditional love before it breathed its last. The dog with tumor was not accepted by several families on his journey to Luciano’s home.

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We have heard various stories about how humans protect certain animals from threats. We can see men helping elephants meet their mothers and other such stories from across the world. These small stories win people’s hearts over the internet as well as in real life. People flock to social media to praise these heroes and pass on their messages.

The man’s name in our story is Luciano Karosas. Luciano lives in Berazategui, Buenos Aires which is the capital of Argentina. Luciano brought the poor dog with tumor to his home after 4 families rejected to take care of the canine.

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Short Story About The Dog With Tumor

dog with tumor

Thanos, the dog with tumor, was called Coconut before he was adopted by Luciano. Thanos had a tumor on his forehead which kept growing. The tumor was diagnosed to be cancerous and had worried the owners. The doctor commented that the poor dog had a few weeks to live when he was taken by Luciano.

The puppy was living with a different family, who loved him very much. After receiving the cancer diagnosis, it became difficult for the family to take care of a dog with tumor, so they had to give him up for adoption. The cost and care could not be borne by the family themselves. By this time the disease had spread to the puppy’s head.

Thanos was taken in by various families but even they could not handle the sensitive situation. Thanos ended up in the animal shelter once again, till he locked eyes with Luciano. 

Luciano’s Reaction To The Poor Puppy

dog with tumor

When Luciano visited the animal shelter, he was moved by the puppy’s story and chose to adopt him. The puppy had gone through such a rough phase of life. He wanted the dog to receive the best care and unconditional love in his last few days. Luciano felt that Thanos was a piece of his heart when he was leaving the animal shelter.

Luciano wanted to do his best for the puppy but did not want to give up on Thanos’ life. He felt in his heart that Thanos’ life could be extended for a few more months. He took the puppy to the vet with the hope that surgery might help the dog with tumor. He took Thanos to a stem cell surgeon but even he could not help the poor puppy’s life.

The news had hit Luciano hard and both of them decided that the last days would be spent to the fullest. They did everything together and could not be separated.

Luciano loved and pampered the puppy as much as he could. It was obvious that Thanos was enjoying the attention and love. The puppy was happier with every passing day. Thanos loved to play with Luciano and snuggle with him every night.

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The sad news was that poor Thanos passed away this year due to this cancerous disease. Luciano shed tears for him and wished him a good trip to the other side. Luciano also wrote down that Thanos will be loved forever. Luciano dropped a wish for him on social media sites.

Thanos, peace be with you. You were the good-est boy there ever was.

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