Dok Geaw : A Baby Elephant’s Journey Back To The Greenery

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Dok Geaw is a baby elephant who seemed very happy to go back to the woods. The elephant lost her mother at a very young age of four months. Dok’s mother was used for logging purposes. The elephant was forced to work despite being severely injured. Sadly, the stress and workload were too much for the elephant to take and it passed away. This left Dok Geaw all alone. The newborn elephant seemed very much sad all the time. This made everyone concerned about the baby’s well-being. Finally, with the help of a couple of animal enthusiasts, Dok has finally made it back to the jungle. 

Dok Geaw Receives Warm Welcome From Fellow Tuskers

A lot of time has passed since the baby elephant lost its mother. Life has been tough for the little elephant initially. However, the rough days seem to be over with. Khun Kanjana Silpa-Archa is working as a rescuer of elephants in distress. She is currently associated with the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre. She initially paired Dok with an adult elephant Sing Kan. Kan served as a mother and nurtured baby Dok. 

After a few days, Kan herself was expected to give birth. This made her unavailable to look after Dok Geaw’s welfare. Kanjana took the lonely elephant back to ENP. Dok Geaw was introduced to a herd of elephants. The two-year-old was received with a warm welcome. All the other elephants of the herd seemed very happy to see Dok among them. 

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Almost all the elephants ran in the direction of Dok Geaw to welcome him to the family. Lek Chailert is the owner of ENP. He praised the TECC for bringing up the baby elephant so well. He also promised to take the best possible care of Dok. After a jovial welcome, Dok seems to be having a great time at the park. He still requires time to adjust to the surroundings of the ENP. Statements derived from a Facebook post state that the elephant is trying to choose a suitable group of friends. A photograph shows the baby elephant playing and having a lot of fun. 

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