Smart Dolphins Helps In Rescuing Stranded Swimmer

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Dolphins always had a history of being friendly towards the man. There have been innumerable adorable stories involving dolphins and humans. A recent incident was recorded at Swanage Bay where a couple of dolphins decided to amuse the crowd for a fairly long time. The place was packed with tourists and paddleboarders. It was at that exact moment the mammals came out of the water. Both of them danced around in circles going in and out of the water simultaneously. Everybody gathered to see the animals that continued to have fun for six hours.

Apart from amusing humans, these animals can act as lifesavers for many. A group of dolphins guarded helped in the rescue of a swimmer who was lost recently. A detailed account of the incident has been provided below. 

Dolphins Guides The Rescue Team To Save Lost Swimmer

A swimmer was discovered miraculously in the coastal areas of Ireland. This would not have been possible without the help of a group of dolphins. The swimmer was reportedly gone missing for more than twelve hours. He was discovered by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution on 22nd August. 

According to reports, the individual was a resident of Londonderry County. The estimated age of the rescued swimmer was around thirty years. The man stated that he was lost in the waters and attempted to swim out of the water. However, he became exhausted with time as he tried to reach the Mucklaghmore Rock. The swimmer only had a swimsuit on his body which made him get affected by hypothermia. 

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The man’s belongings were found abandoned on the rock which prompted the RNLI to launch a search. However, the RNLI stated that finding a missing person in the vast ocean is a tough task. After a whole day’s search, the search officials were quite concerned. They could not find a trace of the lost swimmer and dusk was also setting in.

Just at the moment, when the rescue party decided to retreat, they saw the dolphins. What seemed from a distance was a man’s head popping out amidst them! The rescuers quickly approached the site and found the man guarded by the dolphins. He was immediately rescued and taken in for medical treatments. 

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