Dolphins Still Haunted From Oil Spill At Deepwater Horizon

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Dolphins are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. They are very jolly and love to get the attention of humans. There are many accounts where these creatures have funnily interacted with humans. 

A recent incident occurred, where a group of dolphins playfully entertained people who were passing by. Unfortunately, we humans have been unable to return the same favor to them. 

The rapidly growing modern world is forgetting the acts of compassion. In the quest for supremacy, we are knowingly destroying our planet and the creatures that dwell in it. 

A recent study has brought up shocking facts about marine life. The study found out that oil spills have affected the population of dolphins to a large extent. The oil has severely threatened the mere existence of the fish. 

It has been found that most of the mammals are still haunted by the infamous oil spill that took place at the Deepwater Horizon. About eighty percent of the mammals still face complications arising from the spill. 

Oil spills have been a cause of constant headaches recently. Numerous occasions of oil spills have been recorded. These are very dangerous for the well-being of marine animals. The oil acts as an impenetrative layer that forbids the entry of any air. The aquatic animals get suffocated and die. 

Sometimes the animals come up to the surface and consume the harmful oil, which leads to their death. A large number of marine life is lost because of oil spills. 

Unfortunately, no definite solutions have been devised yet. Governments of a few countries tried to control the damage by sponges. However, that did not prove effective as getting rid of the oil that way seemed impossible. 

It has been twelve years since the tragic incident at the Deepwater horizon took place. As the government continues granting permission for new drilling projects, Dolphins are facing a great threat in the near future. 

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Dolphins Are Dying Due To Oil Spills 

The US government does not seem to bother about the well-being of the dolphins. The administration of Joe Biden has continued to grant permission for new drilling projects. 

Such approvals come at a time when the population of dolphins is facing a serious threat. A simple statistic would clarify the situation even more. 

dolphin 01 1

More than forty-five percent of the Barataria Bay mammals have died after 2010. These creatures are now once again facing a threat of mass death. This is due to a brand new drilling project that will commence shortly in the river Mississippi. 

Barataria Bay is one of the most polluted bays in the US. The water in the bay is filled with oil. A group of scientists discovered that the number of mammals in this area has decreased. 

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The survivors of the Deepwater Horizon spill are commonly down with complications in the lungs. Others have also developed a condition known as COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). 

Dolphins: Will Low Salinity Kill The Mammals? 

In order to ensure the well-being of dolphins, the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority has come up with a plan. They have decided to work towards the restoration of the coastal environment. 

The organization wants to influx a large amount of freshwater into Barataria Bay. Unfortunately, as fancy as it might sound, things will not work out so easily. The introduction of fresh water will do more harm than good. 

A large amount of freshwater induction will lower the amount of salinity in the lagoon. Scientists are anticipating the salinity to be as low as five parts in a thousand. Such a condition can be extremely harmful to dolphins. 

Low levels of salinity cause the skin of the dolphins to develop lesions. It also causes inflammation in the skin that ultimately kills the dolphins. 

Thus, the situation is very much sensitive and must be dealt with cautiously. 

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