Down Feather Industry: Propagating The Abuse Of Birds In The Guise Of Comfort And Fashion

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They make the softest of duvets and clothing. But the soft layer of feather hides a cruel practice of pulling feathers from live birds. The down feather industry is the practitioner of this barbaric form of obtaining materials by humans in the name of fashion.

The down feather industry condones the practice of plucking geese alive to get to the soft layer of feathers that are closest to the bird’s skin. They are used for producing clothing and comforters. But for the poor birds, the method employed by the down feather industry is cruel and reprehensible.

PETA Exposed The Deception In The Down Feather Industry

Geese mate for a lifetime and mourn the death of their partner as long as they live. Ducks too are fastidiously clean animals and have a long memory. It helps them during their long migration during winters.

Most of the down is plucked from the ducks and geese during slaughter. But birds that are part of the breeding flocks might be forced to endure the inhuman cruelty every 6 weeks till they are eventually slaughtered.

Secret footage captured by PETA volunteers has shown down feather industry workers inflicting bloody wounds on the animals as they screamed in terror. The frightened animals are pressed down by workers with their legs during the inhuman procedure.

The birds are ripped out and the birds are left with gaping wounds and paralyzed in fear. Many die during the procedure.


The Buyers Of Products From The Down Feather Industry Are As Guilty Of Perpetrating The Extreme Form O Fcruelty

Buying from the down feather industry perpetrates this extreme form of cruelty. Farmers who are in the down feather industry also raise the birds to e eventually slaughtered bringing them an extra profit.

The birds are improperly stunned in the slaughterhouse and are still conscious in most cases when their throats are slit and dumped into scalding water in the de-feathering tank.

This practice is forbidden by the European Union. They allow the harvesting of down and feathers from the animals only at the stage of molting. It also has to be carried out after following certain procedures approved by the Union.

It has been seen that up to 80% of down sourced from China, a country notorious for disregarding ethical treatment of animals, is cruelly plucked from live animals.

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Footage secretly filmed on a farm in Hungary also showed bloodied geese lying on their back and struggling to free themselves. They have large gaping wounds that seem to be stuck by workers.

How People An Helping In Halting The Cruelty Of The Down Feather Industry

The most effective way of making any industry conform to standards is by pressures from the end-users. The customers hold the greatest power to force the down feather industry to confirm to better standards of processing and preventing the cruel treatment of the birds.

As of now, it is impossible to differentiate between feathers plucked using safe and pain-free methods or by using the cruel practices generally followed by a major portion of the down feather industry.

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So the only way you can ensure that cruelty against the animals stops is by staying away from these products and shifting to alternatives.

Buying down also encourages the cruel practices of the foie gras industry. Birds are force-fed by having tubes rammed down their throat to increase the size of their lives to 10 times the original, the source of the foie gras.

That is the only way to ensure that no birds suffer from your choice of material. You can make the compassionate choice and pledge to go down free immediately.

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You can also garner the power of social media platforms to spread the word about this cruel practice. Thie message can spread like wildfire only if you take the little time to spread the good word.

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