Dragonflies Are Migrating Northwards Due To Climate Change

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Dragonflies are reacting to the ongoing climatic changes. A recent study has stated that the flies are choosing a cooler habitat instead of warmer ones. Globalization has come with many benefits to mankind. Technological advancements have made life easy for all of us. However, with the rapid advances, it has also tagged along with itself a series of adversities. The extensive use of carbon and other harmful materials has resulted in spiking levels of pollution.

The pollution has spread everywhere. Land, air, and water have all been contaminated with toxins from the factories and industries. This pollution has caused an everlasting impact on nature. The ecological balance has been compromised. Greenhouse gases are on the rise. These gases are largely responsible for global warming and climate change. This has made the animals and insects evolve and adapt. The dragonflies are found to be fleeing from Ireland to the cooler parts of Northern Britain. 

Dragonflies Prefer Cooler Parts Of Northern Britain

The drastic temperature change has caused the mercury to shoot up in many cold places. The story with Ireland is no different. Recent effects of global warming have caused a significant rise in the country’s temperature. 

A recent study was conducted by the British Dragonfly Society. It stated that the flies have migrated from Ireland to the northern parts of Britain from the year 1995. The transition indicated that the dragonflies are preferring a cooler habitat to a warmer one. The species that have expanded over time include migrant hawker, emperor dragonfly, ruddy darter, red-eyed damselfly & black-tailed skimmer. 

The study also found out that 40 percent of dragonfly species have expanded. Dave Smallshire is the assistant editor of the study. He stated that the expansion of certain species can be because of warmer climates. The increase in their habitats also contributes largely to their expansion. A significant number of ponds, reservoirs, lakes & pits have increased over the last decade. 

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Scientists have issued concerns over the behavior of dragonflies. The decision of abandoning warmer places should serve as a warning. Many other insects and animals are also undergoing behavioral changes. We need to act fast or else the results could be deadly. 

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