Drowning Kitten Saved By Heroic Man And Gets Adopted

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We have seen several heroes who go out of their ways to help an animal in need. A man is seen helping a drowning kitten and the pictures have won over the Netizen’s hearts. This heartwarming story has touch the minds of several as they have praised this heroic man.

The heroic man was Metin Keskin. He was a city worker working in Istanbul and had seen the recent rains flood the city. 

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Keskin had told the media that the drowning cat was unconscious and was not making a sound. He knelt down and tried applying CPR on the animal. Kesin tried massaging the tiny kitten’s body to get the water out of her little lungs while breathing gently into her mouth.

Watch the video of the heroic man save the drowned kitten here:

The Drowning Kitten Resuscitated Back To Life

It was quite tense to watch the scene as everyone prayed for the recovery of the poor kitten. It was to everyone’s relief that the kitten let out a “meow” softly and showed everyone that she was responding to the massage.

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The drowning kitten was rushed to the nearest animal hospital where she was given the necessary treatment to make sure she recovers.

Most people would think that this was the last time Keskin met this kitten, but it was not so.

The drowning kitten was adopted by Keskin and she has become an obedient pet. He told the media that he was extremely happy to see the kitten recover at the hospital and believes that this story is one for the books.  

Drowning Kitten

We saw that humanity was still left in some people in this Drowning Kitten video. Such people can go to extremes to save a poor life from threats. We can see a change in humans, a glimmer of hope, that they could save the planet from the upcoming disaster and climate changes and do their best to try and make this Earth habitable for generations to come.

Keskin is the torchbearer for such a change to come. He did not get anything in return but he did everything he could, just to save a small and precious life.

Image credit: Twitter

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