Earth Rumored To Have Faster Rotations

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Earth is one of the most fascinating planets in the whole solar system. It is the only planet known to support human life. The planet has the perfect balance in the atmosphere required to sustain life. There are several other factors too that make Earth so special. Our mother planet is located at just the perfect distance from the sun. Its natural satellite, the Moon, keeps our land gravitationally balanced. 

However, any small anomalies can be catastrophic to all life forms on the planet. We all want our motherland to be safe and secure forever. Unfortunately, nature is unpredictable. How scientifically advanced we become, one can never control nature. Nature has its way and sometimes it proves deadly for us. 

Natural disasters are one of the most common examples. Earthquakes, Storms, and Floods often plague our lives but we can do very little to stop them. Another most mysterious subject is space. Space is one of the largely untapped fields in science. Extensive research is being carried out to understand space.

However, we are still not fully aware of its functioning. We often make mistakes by assuming about a particular phenomenon. However, we later realize that we were wrong. 

A piece of alarming news has come to light recently. It has been found that our mother planet is rotating faster than usual. Researchers have come up with the shocking revelation at “Livescience”. Let us learn more about the event in detail below.

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Earth Records A Spurt In Rotation 


We have all learned that our planet rotates around the sun. We also know that one full rotation makes a day on Earth. Thus, it is safe to assume that we know how our planet functions. However, it has been found otherwise. A group of researchers has found anomalies in the rotation of our planet. 

The studies depict that the planet is spinning quicker than normal. Usually, our planet takes 86400 seconds to complete one rotation. This figure can occasionally differ by small margins though. Surprisingly, the data published by scientists have left everyone astonished. In the year 2020, the days were very much shorter compared to normal. 

Although we could not tell the difference, astronomical calculations have depicted so. The Earth has a history of speedy rotations earlier. Such an anomaly was recorded in 1937. The record was broken a staggering twenty-eight times in 2020. This discovery comes as a surprise because the planet had shown signs of slowing down earlier. 

These reports have made the mass fearful of the consequences. Everyone is eager to learn what are the aftereffects of such a phenomenon. Let us know about them below.

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Earth Rotating Faster A Threat? 

The news of the Earth rotating speedily has left everyone fearful. However, scientists have assured that no major threats exist as of now. Slight changes in weather patterns and climatic conditions can be noticed. 

The phenomenon is likely to affect the pressure in the atmosphere, and winds. A possible reason for the faster rotation has been speculated. Researchers have stated that climate change might have instigated such patterns.

Global warming has been found to have some kind of contribution to the Earth spinning faster.

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