Eco-Friendly Containers Approved By The Internet

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Eco-friendly containers are one of the biggest buzzes around the world at the moment. The grieving levels of pollution have made people think of alternative methods. The main component used for packing is plastic.

Plastic is one of the materials that is used on a large scale by packaging industries all over the world. The main reason for the growing popularity of plastic is that it is cheap. Almost all the containers and packets that we use today are made of plastic.

This has created a serious problem and threat to the environment. Plastic is one of the most harmful materials on the planet. It poses great levels of threat to the planet. Plastics can not be degraded biologically.

It takes years to get destroyed. Thus, plastic waste keeps on mounting, adding to the total waste of the planet. It has serious impacts on the animals as well. Animals often eat plastics mistaking them for food.

The material gets stuck inside their throat causing them an insane amount of pain. Sometimes, the air passage is harmed leading to the death of the animals. Recent news of a whale has gone viral. A large whale was found dead on a sea beach.

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On further inspection, it was found that the stomach of the whale was filled with plastic. Looking at all these sad incidents, it has been concluded that the use of plastic must be minimized drastically.

In order to do so, organizations from all over the world are busy devising alternate methods. An organization came into the news by making edible cups. One such initiative has been highlighted largely on the internet.

Shashi Tharoor is a Member of the Parliament Of India. He posted a video about eco-friendly containers that are produced from rice bran. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Eco-Friendly Containers Retweeted By Indian MP

Eco-friendly containers are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. The situation with plastics has deteriorated so much that politicians are giving serious thought to exploring alternative options.

One such idea has been posted by Shashi Tharoor on the internet. The post was a retweet from Supriya Sahu’s post. Sahu is the Principal Secretary of Environment Climate Change & Forests of Tamil Nadu.

He shared a video about how rice bran containers can be useful in curbing the usage of plastic. Sahu wanted to make people aware of the ill effects of plastic in the video. He also requested the central government to provide sufficient funding for the large-scale production of eco-friendly containers.

Tharoor supported the idea and stated that the production must not be confined within Tamil Nadu. Tharoor stated that biodegradable containers must be promoted all across India for a better environment.

The politician urged the government of India to look into the matter seriously. 

Eco-Friendly Containers Are The Need Of The Hour 

The video shared by Supriya Sahu has gone viral. The video stresses on the utilities of an eco-friendly container. The maker displays an array of products that can be made from rice bran.

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The video then goes on to show how the man can make rice bran containers that are one hundred percent eco-friendly. He stated that these eco-friendly containers are easy to use and leakproof.

They can be easily disposed of without harming the environment at all. One of the biggest cons of eco-friendly products is that they are very expensive. However, in this case, things are different.

The maker stated that the cost of eco-friendly containers made from rice bran is very much affordable. Supriya Sahu requested hotels and restaurants to stop using harmful plastics and switch to a greener form of packaging. 

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