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Eco-Friendly Pesticide Contains Essential Beer & Animal Wastes

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The eco-friendly pesticide has been developed at an institute of research in Spain. Modernization has come with a lot of adversities. New inventions have only added to the hazards of the world. Chemical pesticides are being used widely all across the globe. The reason for its large-scale popularity is its affordability. Most chemical pesticides come cheap and get the jobs done. However, the affordability comes at a huge price.

The chemicals used to prepare the pesticides are very harmful to all living beings. The toxic substances seep into the crops and are consumed by humans. These chemicals also contribute to water pollution. Rainwater washes the chemicals and deposits them into nearby ponds and rivers. This could pose a serious threat to aquatic life. Thus, everyone is trying to find eco-friendly alternatives.  The Agricultural R&D Institute of Neiker Basque seems to have the answer. Let us find more about their work below. 

Eco-Friendly Pesticide Developed By Spain

The researchers at the Neiker Basque have come with a great alternative. They have prepared a pesticide using remnants of brewed beer and manure of cow. The team tried an experiment in their quest for an alternate option. 

Eco-Friendly Pesticide

The process of brewing beer leaves behind a byproduct commonly known as bagasse. On the other hand, canola harvesting produces cakes of rapeseed as by-products. The team in Spain was led by Maite Gandariasbeitia (Ph. D). He combined the byproducts along with the manure of cows to develop a new formation. The new mixture was applied to the soils of a nearby greenhouse. The referred greenhouse reportedly suffered a sharp decline of 45% in their yields. 

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In a surprising breakthrough, the eco-friendly pesticide worked wonders. The area of the soil where the eco-friendly pesticide was applied recorded a fifteen percent higher yield of lettuce. Gandariasbeitia stated that the effectiveness of the pesticide came largely due to the high content of nitrogen. Both the canola cake & bagasse are rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen amplifies good microorganisms while killing the nematodes. The mixture can also be used as a fertilizer due to its effectiveness. “Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems” issued the research on eco-friendly pesticide on 31st May. 

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