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Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes Are A Hit In The Philippines

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Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes are creating ripples in social media recently. The advancing society has witnessed a lot of changes. We have developed a lot in terms of technology. Unfortunately, the more technologically superior we have become, the more we have forgotten our nature. 

A significant amount of damage has been inflicted on mother Earth. Pollution, Loss of greenery, and many other factors have plagued the modern world. Thus, it is of utmost importance that we come up with alternative sources. 

Researchers all over the world are breaking their sweat to devise ways of making sustainable products. A number of alternatives have already been found out. Common people have come up with unique ideas that can help nature revive. 

A recent news story went viral about an Indian shopkeeper. The man named Raja has a fruit juice shop near Bengaluru. He has decided to serve juices in fruit shells. This is a tremendous alternative to avoid plastic cups. 

Likewise, a restaurant owner in the Philippines also has a unique and sustainable idea. The restaurant specializes in pizzas. It is the most popular pizza joint in the area. Authorities have decided to pack their food products in eco-friendly pizza boxes. The eco-friendly pizza boxes are made up of tree leaves. Local tribes weave the boxes by hand. 

This initiative has been praised largely all over the world. The program is a masterstroke as it not only provides an eco-friendly option but also opens job opportunities. Let us learn more about the eco-friendly pizza boxes in detail below.

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Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes Comes With Bonus Perks 

While serving pizzas in eco-friendly pizza boxes is great for nature, there is one more perk. The number of job opportunities it can create is massive. As the boxes are made of natural tree leaves, it needs to be handwoven.

The restaurant in Siargao Island has approached the local weavers of Tangbo for the job. The pandemic proved to be fatal to the world in many ways. Apart from the health scare, another major problem was unemployment. Most of the countries inflicted a lockdown during the pandemic. 

Eco-Friendly Pizza

This resulted in all the businesses and shops being closed for infinity. Most of the workers were involved with on-site jobs. The lockdown made them lose their jobs and plunged them into darkness. Several countries did provide their citizens with financial assistance as compensation. 

The United States issued a number of Stimulus Checks to keep their residents out of woes. However, most of the small and private business owners suffered significantly. 

The initiative taken by the restaurant has provided the local weavers with multiple job openings.

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Eco-Friendly Pizza Boxes To Stand The Test Of Time 

The authorities at the restaurant are very much confident about their ways. They have stated that the eco-friendly pizza boxes will surely stand the test of time. 

The owners said on Facebook that they aimed to minimize the wastes as much as possible. They also reflected on how they are helping the Tangbo weavers by providing them with jobs. 

The Siargao Island restaurant also asked other businesses to follow them. They expressed their desire about how all the organizations can opt for eco-friendly pizza boxes in the future.

All Image Credits The BrickOven Café Facebook

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