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Eco Six-Pack Rings Made By Beer Company Feeds The Turtles, Not Choke Them

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Most things we dispose of ends up in the seas, and that is true for every form of plastic. Over 80% of it flows out to the oceans or is dumped into it in various forms. We have ended up dumping billions of tons of toxic material. One such material is the six-pack ring used to hold together cans of beer and soda. People traveling in ships or along the sea carelessly dump these beer rings into the oceans. But a Californian brewery has decided to develop eco six-pack rings that will feed the birds and other marine life, instead of killing them.

The by-products of beer that are usually disposed of are now being used to make the eco six-pack rings. Wheat and barley, which are totally safe for marine life, are the two ingredients that make up the eco six-pack rings. Fish, birds, and even humans can consume these nutritious byproducts of beer. The creation is compostable and biodegradable.

Americans consumed over 6.3B gallons back in 2015, half of which was consumed from cans. Just this bit of statistics illustrates the potential of the eco six-pack rings in transforming the environment. Especially when the material to be used is a byproduct of the product being packed.

Eco Six-Pack Rings Are As Resilient As Plastic

Saltwater Brewery, the beer company has said that the eco six-pack ring is as strong as the plastic ones currently being used. Though they cost more than the present ones, the company is confident that beer guzzlers would be glad to part with the extra cost when they realize the huge potential benefits.

The prices are also bound to come down when more companies start using the eco six-pack ring. The brewery has said that it was an enormous investment by a minor brewery and other breweries and soft drink manufacturers can follow suit. Their main purpose remains saving the marine lives that are lost after ingesting plastic waste.

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The company wishes to differentiate between being the best in the world and being the best for the world, which they would love to be.

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