Mother Elephant Helping Baby Climb Over Tall Fence

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A video goes viral that shows a mother elephant helping baby climb over a barrier by the road. The video was shot by a cyclist, Anish Kata in Kerala. 

A video melted the hearts of netizens which portrayed a mother elephant helping baby elephant cross the road. The barrier was near the Nadukani Ghat Road which is close to the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border. The video went viral on social media sites. The video was viewed by netizens over 16k times in just a few hours.

Elephants are social beings and they live their lives out in their respective herds. The males can leave the herd to look for a mate but the daughters stay with their mothers. They have what you call a matriarchal society among themselves. The elephants have overwhelming feelings for one another and express the same. They remember small incidents over decades and can act accordingly. Whether it is a fellow elephant or a human, it will remember all the incidents even if the animal was an infant then, The mother elephant shows its love and affection for the baby as she helps her baby climb over the fence. She chooses her baby’s safety and protection over anything else. 

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The Mother Elephant Helping Baby

The baby elephant was observed to be struggling to climb over the massive roadside barrier. The baby kept on trying to climb the huge barrier that blocked its way towards the neighboring forest and from its parents. This struggle went on for some time when the mother elephant came to the baby’s aid. The mother helped the baby get a boost by keeping her trunk under her baby. She gave a slight push to the tiny baby. 

The video taken by Anish Kata began with 3 elephants crossing the Nadukani Ghat Road. There were 2 adults and one baby crossing the barrier to reach the forest. The adults crossed with ease while the baby was stuck with this obstacle in its way.

Elephant Helping Baby

Anish felt his heart touched when the mother looked back at its child. The elephant helping baby elephant cross the barrier surprised all the onlookers. The traffic was quite less as it was during the lockdowns in India.

Reactions By The Authorities 

Elephant helping baby

Jairam Ramesh posted the video of the mother elephant helping baby and spoke about the importance of infrastructure and that it should be friendly towards wild animals. Jairam is the former Environment Minister and a popular leader of the Indian National Congress.

He thanked all the drivers on the road for their patience and for making sure that the elephants do not feel anxious. The sensibility of the truck driver was applauded by everyone on the road in Kerala.

An officer of the Forest Service, Sudha Ramen share the small clips and felt blessed that the baby elephant was safe and helped by its mother. Most animals are not that lucky. These massive structures cause road kill when animals try crossing these roads which are covered by forests on both sides. She thinks that new plans should be chalked out where these structures become animal friendly. The animals should not face issues passing through the forests and their corridors. 

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Such incidents catch the attention of the people living all over the globe and can answer various questions asked by the masses. The question here is about the protection of wildlife from the fast-moving vehicles on the nation’s roads. The roads have claimed parts of the forest and the animals have seen a massive reduction in their habitats. The question is, will the government do anything after watching the mother elephant helping baby.

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