Empathy Reigns As Elephants Destroy All Banana Trees Barring The One With Nest

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A very unusual incident has taken place recently. A few days ago a heart-warming video went viral that took the netizens by surprise. In the video, it was witnessed that a bunch of elephants has invaded a local village that is located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. The group of elephants, as expected, ravaged more than 300 banana trees that were growing in the garden of a local villager.

On the other hand, the element of surprise was that they successfully managed to destroy all the banana trees standing in the garden except one. They consciously left one single banana tree. This is mainly due to the reason that that specific tree had a nest.

This startling incident took place in a village named Sathyamangala in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu. The house in which the elephants had barged into belongs to a man named Krishnamurthy. The elephants broke in and dismantled all his banana trees except one.

After the elephants left the vicinity, the local residents came to survey the site of destruction and look into the damage done by the group of elephants. Nonetheless, the people were in for a rather wholesome surprise. What they saw in the ravaged site was that those wild and violent elephants had spared one banana tree from their wrath.

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Nested Tree Spared From Elephants’ Wrath

When the residents surveyed the garden of Krishnamurthy, they found one sole banana tree that was spared from the violence of those elephants. The main reason behind this was a nest that had a few hatchlings as well as a mother sparrow. This mother of these baby sparrows had been taking care of them in that banana tree nest.

The clip that went viral had been shared by a local Tamil channel called Thanthi TV. Following the broadcast of this short clipping, Twitter and other social media platforms also picked it up and made it viral. People absolutely loved this pure and delightful clip of this rare phenomenon.

The video that went viral has successfully managed to garner millions of views and likes on Twitter. The users have also hugely appreciated that these elephants have shown such a huge amount of sensitivity towards other beings in nature. It shows great quality and serves as an inspiration to one and all.

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Empathetic Giants Wins Over the Internet

The most significant people behind this entire incident are two IFS officers including Parveen Kaswan and Sushanta Nanda. These two people were the ones among several other people who did what was extremely needed.

Sushanta Nanda was the first to share the video online. He also posted the caption with a video saying that this video shows an important reason as to why elephants are usually referred to as gentle giants.

He informed that the elephants certainly destroyed all the banana trees in Krishnamurthy’s garden but they spared the one with the nest that was sheltered to the sparrows. He further added that this can be considered as one of the amazing qualities of nature.

In addition, this video moved numerous people who saw it online and flooded it with astonishing comments. Some people thought this was extraordinary and unbelievable while others called elephants their favorite animal. Many other people also stated that elephants are cute and innocent.

There were a few people who also requested the officials that though these elephants did destroy a large number of resources, they must be treated kindly. People also demanded that they should be spared any punishment for their actions. Activists have also been urging people to be more compassionate towards these huge animals and learn more about them.

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