24 elephants in Odisha forest sleep for hours after drinking country liquor

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People from a village in Odisha went into a forest to produce “mahua,” a traditional country liquor, but discovered that a herd of elephants had already consumed the water fermented with the intoxicating flowers and were deeply asleep.

The villagers of the Shilipada cashew forest in the Keonjhar region observed that a total of 24 jumbos, who seemed drunk, were sleeping close to the location where mahua flowers were stored in water in huge pots for fermentation.

“We went into the forest at 6 a.m. to prepare mahua and discovered that all of the pots had been broken and the fermented water had gone missing.” We also discovered the elephants napping. “They drank the fermented water,” Naria Sethi, a villager, said.

“That liquor was raw. We attempted to awaken the animals but were failed. After that, the forest department was notified “He also noted.

After arriving at the location in the Patana forest range, forest department workers had to beat drums to awaken the herd. According to Ghasiram Patra, a forest ranger, the elephants then went deep into the forest.

The forest official, on the other hand, is unsure whether the elephants became high after drinking fermented mahua. He believed that they were possibly just resting there.

On the other side, villagers stated that they saw elephants at several locations around the broken pots sleeping in drunken conditions.


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