Endangered Animals Gives Their Voice To Inspirational Song In Heart-Wrenching Animation

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We, humans, have sent a lot of animal species to their permanent deaths in the form of extinction. Endangered animals are those that are facing the same fate. Read on to know about one such animation video that deals with the heartbreaking thought while being immensely powerful.

The Fate Of The Endangered Animals Is Much Worse

Les Miserables, the adaptation featuring Hugh Jackman, had been a phenomenal movie. The musical had won over almost everyone with the inspirational struggle dripping from every lyric of every song in it. If you have not seen the movie, you may have at least heard songs from the film, which were equally famous. As such, the animation video features “I Dreamed A Dream” as a way to speak about and through endangered animals.

The song originally was about a woman lamenting about happier times, after everything went horribly wrong. In this video as well, four endangered animals are in the same scenario. Needless to say, the video has a deep effect on its viewers.

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Image Credit: Zombie Studio

To preface, you try imagining the song being rendered hauntingly. If you have managed to bring an image to your mind, let us continue. If you continue thinking about it, one thing will be clear – that the lyrics are something that must be the words in the heart of every endangered animal. They could not have ever expected, in their harshest nightmares, the possible end of their world. And that it is all because of the interference of human beings. Moreover, the doom is inching closer day by day.

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We are the ones who are responsible for beginning the whole process. Not only that, we only need to try and we can definitely save endangered animals and their future. The important thing is making the choice first, and being true to it.

This was the central premise of the animated music video named Dream. It is not long, and Zombie Studio created the film. The film was created for the Film Festival dedicated to Wildlife Conservation (WCFF).

The Endangered Animals Face A Cruel Fate

There are four different animals featured in the animation. They are also critically endangered. They sing the song from Les Miserables. Every line is tied to the story of the animal singing. This results in a rendition of the film that evokes just as many emotions as the real film. However, this one does not have a poetic happy ending.

Video Credit: WCFF

The first scene sees the endangered animals live happy lives in their natural habitats. It features the pelican, a rhinoceros, an infant harp seal, and the blue whale. Keenan O’ Mara, Natalie Bergman. Tal Altman, and Ryan Merchant voice the animals respectively. They all sing about the beauty of their past lives.

At that moment, their lives are everything they dreamed of – the pelican gliding lightly over the surface of the water; the family of rhinos running joyfully through the wild forest; the seals playing and rolling on ice. Life is beautiful and they are living freely. They believe that God is forgiving.

But everything turns into a nightmare with the arrival of humans. Suddenly, scary men with glowing evil eyes come to the peaceful, beautiful land. They brought with them destruction and terror.

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The seals are the first to notice them. They are terrified of these figures who look like demons. Without mercy, they tear through the land of the polar ice caps. https://simpliolabs.com/ Then they come for the rhinos with their poaching. They do not rest with just taking lives either – they destroy habitats through things like oil spills. Not even size can keep them safe.

In Conclusion

We need to be responsible as the most populous species on the planet. As such, we have to find a method to co-exist with all the species peacefully. The animation video shows how we are the main danger to the planet and wildlife. So we must change. We are the ones who can save these endangered animals’ dreams.

Featured Image Credit: Zombie Studio

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