Every winter, this frozen waterfall in BC forms a “ice cone,” and you can witness it

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It’s not surprising that Canada is teeming with breathtaking waterfalls from coast to coast. However, waterfalls freeze during Canadian winters. The good news is that even in the winter, all of these magnificent illustrations of nature’s beauty are still quite beautiful. With a giant “snow crater” that is so epic it appears to be from another planet, we’ve found what might be Canada’s most unusual winter waterfall. One of the many reasons we’re delighted to call Canada home is this magnificent frozen waterfall in British Columbia. We’ve never seen anything like the ice crown that forms around the base of Helmcken Falls (frozen waterfall in BC) throughout the winter.

Helmcken Falls is situated in the east-central region of the province in the Wells Gray Provincial Park.
Despite the fact that Helmcken Falls may be the park’s crown jewel, Wells Gray is actually home to nearly 40 named waterfalls that are all well worth visiting.

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Additionally, if winter isn’t your thing, simply check out how beautiful Helmcken Falls is without any snow.


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