Fidgety Squirrel Smelling A Flower Captured By Dutch Photographer

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This extremely cute scene of a squirrel smelling a flower was clicked by 34-year-old Dick Van Dujin, a photographer from the Netherlands. In an interview, he said that he had come all the way from his homeland to the Austrian city of Vienna just to get some pictures of ground squirrels.

Van Dujin had spent 2 hours as well as over 200 photos before he got the perfect shot of a squirrel smelling a flower. The image is the perfect definition of being “picture-perfect”. However, while he was taking the picture, a host of other squirrels had come up to know about the photographer. Van Dujin admitted that it was extra difficult to keep his focus on the situation.

squirrel smelling a flower

A series of photos show the squirrel first curiously examine the flower and timidly touching it. Then, in a similar fashion to how humans would admire the smells of flowers, the little critter held the flower against its face. At the same time, while the squirrel was smelling the flower, its eyes were closed.

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Squirrel Smelling A Flower Is Just The Start

Van Dujin talked about how he knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime scene. The squirrel did not stop just smelling it though. It then nibbled a bit of the daisy. Van Dujin also explained that he had been satisfied and happy with the picture.

After the picture of the squirrel smelling a flower, his pictures have been very popular on the internet. He said that the daily person’s disconnection with nature is possibly the reason. However, when people remember how cute and beautiful nature is, they have a better feeling about the world and themselves.

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There are other pictures showing ground squirrels interacting with several other types of flowers. One shows a squirrel with a small tulip, another with a dandelion. Van Dujin explained that there is no limit to nature. As such, there an endless number of subjects that he can take a picture of as well. He admits that one can never photograph everything that is out there. This is Van Dujin’s life’s inspiration. He also hopes that the photos will make his audience explore nature more often. 

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