Fir Tree Cut In Half By Neighbor As It Hung Over His Driveway!

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In the United Kingdom, a dramatic solution has been applied to a petty argument over a fir tree between two neighbors. This involved slicing a tree exactly in half since it covered part of one neighbor’s driveway.

Septuagenarian couple Irene and Graham Lee took the decision to slice a fir tree that was 25 years old in half. They did so by cutting off every branch that was on the side of their property, the neighbor claimed.

It is the end result of the neighbors’ “petty row”. The neighbors reside in two bungalows just beside each other in the suburb of Sheffield in Waterthorpe, in the UK.

The Fir Tree Could Not Be Save

The neighbor that liked the fir tree is 56-year-old Bharat Mistry. However, he explained that the Lees phoned up tree surgeons for the slicing. The couple complained that it was too noisy because of birds that were sitting on the tree’s branches. They also claimed that the birds were regularly making a mess on the couple’s driveway.

fir tree

Mr. Mistry who is a manager of a project by profession explained that the fir tree has been in that place for two and a half decades now. They had trimmed the tree into the shape of a ball as well as part of an agreement with his neighbor. Back then, the neighbor had no problems or complaints against it. However, in the past few months, birds began making nests in the tree. This is something expected given the period in the year. He adds that Mr. Lee had tried to deal with the birds by using bin liners colored black. He would put them inside the tree so that birds would be prevented from sitting on it.

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However, one weekend, Mr. Lee told Mr. Mistry that he had decided to contact a surgeon for trees and ask him to cut the fir down. Mr. Mistry asked the Lees to not go through with it. But the surgeons came to the place next Friday and sliced the tree in half. Mr. Mistry along with his family was gutted by the scene. It was horrific. They could only watch the tree surgeon team in action, hacking the old fir tree down.

The Neighbors’ Action Remain A Mystery

The whole family was distraught. Then repeatedly pleaded and urged the neighbors to not slice the tree like that. But it was not possible to change their mind. They were resolute on bringing down the tree.

He, however, also said that he believed the Lees have every right to remove anything that overhangs onto their property. But he could not help but ask why anyone would want to do that after two and a half decades. He explained that the tree’s branches were at most 3ft into the Lees’ land

tree before cut half

Mr. Mistry had even offered to trim the fir tree even more as well as install a net inside it. This should have prevented the birds from getting inside. But the Lees had no intention of compromising with their neighbor or the tree.

Mr. Mistry said that the neighbors never had any problems earlier, and were on cordial terms. However, since the lockdown began in March of 2020, the complaints about the fir tree started. Now, the two neighbors do not speak to each other.

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He said that their children and the Lees’ grandchildren used to play together. It really saddens them to see the current state since it was such an old and pretty tree. However, since then, the peculiar half-sliced tree has become an attraction for tourists. Nevertheless, even the neighbors rue the loss of the fir tree, especially since there were other options.

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