First-Ever Cultured Meat Factory Opens In Israel

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Israel opened the world’s first facility that is dedicated to creating lab-grown meat. The cultured meat factory can produce 5,000 burgers every day without shedding a drop of blood.

Future Meat, the Israeli biotech company has opened what it describes as the first-ever ‘industrial cultured meat facility.’ It can churn out 1,100 lbs (500 kg) of lab-grown meat every day, which is huge enough in its initial phase.

The company has also claimed that it can produce meat faster than the traditional way from farm to the plate. Rom Kshuk, the CEO of Future Meat said that the cultured meat facility is a giant step and hopes to have their products on the shelves by 2022.

Cultured Meat Could Reduce Dependence On The Meat Industry

The entry of cultured meat into the market could be a game-changer and reduce the impact that traditional meat has on the environment. It could also bring down the animals that are slaughtered every year to provide for humans.

The popularity of plant-based meat alternatives is already on the rise in the US and the UK and the product could have a ready acceptance in these countries. Kshuk said that the presence of a regular industrial line speeds the key processes like product development and regulation.

Future Meat said that cultured meat produces 80% fewer greenhouse gases, takes up 99% less land, and consumes 96% less water than the traditional process of meat production.

The company said it can produce the cultured meat variant of chicken, pork, and lamb. Beef will also be on the menu quite soon, the company promised. People who have given up meat because of the cruelty it causes to animals, and also out of environmental concerns would be excited at the prospect.

The process of production of cultured meat involves the use of proprietary animal cells that are rapidly multiplied inside a bioreactor. While traditionally this method would require the use of animal serum, the Israeli startup has done away with using any materials from animals.

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Cellular waste is also eliminated faster in this process, leading to production speeds that are 10 times faster than current standards. The company said that it aims to make delicious and environmentally safe meat affordable for everyone, thus securing the food requirements of future generations.

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