Four-Legged Whale Dwelled On Earth In Ancient Times!

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Four-Legged Whale fossils have been discovered by scientists. Whales are commonly found in the deep waters of the ocean. It is one of the largest mammals on the earth. However, there seem to be several other variants of Whales that were out there. Researchers have recently discovered a fossil of a four-legged whale. What is startling is that the whale seemed to have four legs! The fascinating discovery was made in Egypt.

The fossil of the said mammal was found in the western part of Egyptian deserts. Ancient Egypt has always been an area of mystery. From the perfectly constructed pyramids to the myths surrounding them. Egypt has never failed to surprise us. The discovery of the new species of whale adds up to the list. The scientists stated that this discovery is the earliest of all the whale fossils ever found. 

Four-Legged Whale Fossil Discovered In Egypt

About millions of years ago, strange creatures seemed to have inhabited the earth. The recent discovery of the fossil of a four-legged whale establishes the point further. The fossil found in Egypt is estimated to be approximately 43 million years old. Researchers are curious to find out the transition of the mammal from a land animal to an aquatic one. 

After extensive analysis, it has been found out that the species was named Phiomicetus Anubis. This name was given particularly due to the shape of the whale. The head area of the creature bears a striking resemblance to Anubis, the Egyptian God of death. The species are said to be Protocetidae. It means that these creatures were from the period when it was transforming. A group of extinct whales transformed from being amphibian to aquatic. 

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The Four-legged Whale had been estimated to weigh about half a ton. It had a massive length of ten feet. The Depression of Fayum is popularly known to have been covered by water(sea) in ancient times. This was exactly where the discovery was made from one of the Eocene rocks. The fossil has been handed over to Mansoura. It deals with Vertebrate Paleontology. The team at Mansoura is expected to carry out further examinations on the fossil.  

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