Friendly Penguin And His Love For Fish Gets Him Shopping

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Most of us would love a friendly penguin. The way they move and behave is extremely adorable. Given the right situations, only a few would dare to keep a penguin as a pet. 

A Japanese family took this opportunity and adopted a friendly penguin at their place. They went past their fears and comfort zones to do this. This penguin can be considered to be one of the most peculiar pets in the world. Back in the 1990s, this friendly penguin called Lala had his own documentary, shot by Real TV. 

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Lala- The Friendly Penguin

The documentary showed Lala and his small town. Lala was 10 years old at that time and stayed in an air-conditioned room. He could roam around the streets without any fear. 

Friendly Penguin

The family had taken him to the market once, and he kept going back to the same location. It was at this time that the family made a weird decision. They gave him a tiny backpack and taught him how to get fish. The friendly penguin would get the fish on his own, from the market.

Friendly Penguin

It was quite a sight for the residents. It was the first and only time you would see a penguin shopping for fish with a backpack on its back.

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The story about how Lala came to stay with this family is extremely beautiful. Lala was caught in a net, set by the sailors. The family saw Lala and chose to adopt him into their own family. They nursed his injuries and helped him regain his health.

Friendly Penguin

The friendly penguin had become too attached to the family and rejected to move away. The love and affection of the family, made him feel like his own. The decision was difficult, but it was unanimously decided. Lala would stay with the family and they made sure that he would get a comfortable life, as the conditions were not proper for the penguin’s survival. 

Lala had passed away, but his memory lives on. The city remembers the friendly penguin, who came to purchase fish, wearing a tiny backpack. 

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