Fruit Shells Seen As An Alternative To Plastic?

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Fruit Shells are something that we seldom pay attention to. We have our fruits and then mindlessly throw them away. However, the scenario might change soon. These shells are being cited as an alternative option to plastics. Plastic is one of the biggest threats to the environment. A lot of hazards are caused by the consumption of plastics. These materials are non-biodegradable. Thus, they pose a threat both to nature and to mankind. 

A lot of animals mistake plastic packets for food. These packets then get stuck in their throat, eventually killing them. The ocean also suffers from plastic pollution. Tons of plastics are dumped into the ocean every day. This makes it very hard for marine animals to thrive inside. A recent incident was recorded in the US. A dead whale was found on the seashore. After cutting open the fish for post mortem, a shocking revelation awaited. The belly of the large whale was stuffed with plastic

All these hazards have made plastic extremely dangerous to the environment. Unfortunately, plastic has extensive use worldwide. It is not very easy to completely cut off plastic consumption in a flash. However, vigorous research is being carried out all over the world. Scientists are busy devising alternate materials. A number of countries have switched to paper bags. These are easy to use and are biodegradable. 

However, a fruit shop in Bengaluru, India, decided to take things a step further. They have started using fruit shells as an alternative to plastic. This became hugely popular and the shop became viral. People became eager to know about their method of operation. Let us learn more about the fruit shells in detail below.

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Fruit Shells Used For Serving Juice In India

Bengaluru is always known to be an eco-friendly state. They have previously come up with great ideas that catered to the environment significantly. This time, a fruit shop selling juices has decided to fight plastic abuse. They decided not to throw away the fruit shells after the pulp is extracted. The shop serves juices in them instead. 

The shop is situated in Karnataka and is named “Eat Raja”. It has a zero-tolerance policy towards nonbiodegradable products. The news was first published by ANI. They tweeted about the shop in Malleshwaram after which it became viral. 

Lots of bloggers and vloggers visit the shop daily. Everyone is mesmerized by their idea of how fruit shells can be put to use. The customers heaped praise on the owner of the shop for the zero-waste policy. The fruit shells are not thrown away after being served. They are fed to the cattle and livestock in nearby areas. 

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Fruit Shells: An Eco-Friendly Initiative 

Raja is the owner of the shop. He stated that his main motive was to get rid of all the hazardous materials. He set up his shop as the only zero waste shop in the area. Raja was against the usage of cups and glasses made up of plastic. Thus, he found an alternative. He said that fruit shells are easy to find and do not require much investment. 

Moreover, it can be fed to livestock animals, thus, reducing the amount of waste generated. Eat Raja is also registered with Zomato. You can order online from this shop and be a part of the green revolution. The shop has also taken up another noble initiative. Raja serves free juice to the ones trying to get rid of smoking. He encourages people to quit smoking and switch to fruit juices instead.

Several people have had free juice from the shop after they quit smoking. Scientists have also noted this initiative. They are currently considering the idea of fruit shells as a possible alternative to plastics.

Image Featured: Eat Raja

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