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German Circus Strives For A Positive Change After It Uses Hologram Instead Of Live Animals

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It is nearly impossible to imagine a circus without the performances of live animals. However, the latest VR technology has enabled entertainment by animals without the use of living animals. This new technology is able to keep them alive without forcing animals to entertain the audience.

The history of the circus has been one of controversy mainly owing to the reason that the circus had been a potent instrument of animal abuse and mistreatment all over the world. Many of them have been shut down late in the last few decades. The primary reason for the shutting down of circuses is mainly the voices rising from animal activists. Such protests have brought the reality of circus life for the animals to the forefront.

On the other hand, advanced technology has made it possible to eradicate animal abuse from circuses. Yet they have been able to entertain the crowd with animal performances. With this new technology, circuses might be looking at a new and clean future that might appear different. Particularly the possibility of a virtual reality-based technology might usher in a new era for the circus.

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Circus Uses Virtual Reality Technology For Entertainment

Circus Roncalli is a troupe that is based in Germany. This company has emerged as the very first group to implement hologram and replace live animals. They made this public announcement in the year 2019 and paved a new and inspiring path for others to follow. Roncalli troupe has become a pioneer in the futuristic hologram approach.

This troupe has been touring across the globe since 1976 and had previously used animals including elephants as well as horses. They made these animals perform various kinds of tricks and stunts to entertain the people.

Marcus Strobl is the Chief Digital Officer to Roncalli Group and things started to change when he joined forces with Optoma. Strobl decided to keep the spirit alive but he wanted to do it without torturing animals. As a result, he installed an 11 laser projector all over the 105 foot wide and 16-foot deep arena.


Credits Roncalli Official

This high-tech projector has been arranged circularly to form a ring and generate life-sized and partly oversized animal holograms. These projections are specially developed as well as transparent and circular on the projection surface.

Consequently, Roncalli has stopped using live animals in their circus and people have responded in a very positive manner as well. All this is made possible owing to the 360° stunning holographic images that are 3D in nature. This produces images of various animals such as elephants, horses, and fishes.

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Modern Touch To Circus

Strobl had further added that they put more emphasis on artists and clowns so hologram animal images will not make too much difference.

Very recently, Roncalli had also been selected as the finalist for the German Sustainability Award for the year 2021. This indicates that they are setting new standards in the circus industry that is certainly inspiring and profitable.

Moreover, the company is also trying to save resources by means of reducing their cost of transportation. In addition, they are striving to reduce resource consumption and improve their environmental footprint. These steps are indeed revolutionary.

This huge initiative of replacing live animals with holograms by the Roncalli circus group definitely shows an example that the show will not stop due to the absence of live animals. Furthermore, the show can improve and inspire by using modern technological advancements to their advantage. It also proves the importance and influence of virtual reality on the world.

Image Featured Roncalli Official

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