Ghost Bird Captured In A Photo In Portland

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Ghost Bird has been referenced in many mythologies and folklore all across the world. Many accounts of ghost bird sightings have been reported over the years. Much like the UFO sightings, there is no concrete evidence to back up the ghostly birds. All the records are either found to be second-hand or usually have a rational explanation to them. The same cannot be stated for the recent incident that took place in Portland.

A woman named Dawn Lausier claims to have accidentally clicked a ghost bird with her camera. This could have been easily termed as another false claim. However, this incident stands out for two main reasons. This is not only a first-hand account but has concrete photographic evidence to back the claim. Let us dig deep into the incident and find out the truth for ourselves. 

Ghost Bird Or Faulty Camera Settings? 

ghost bird

Dawn Lausier likes to click pictures of rare and beautiful birds. She had spotted a rare & gorgeous bird around the caves of Portland. In an attempt to capture the feathered beauty, Dawn came back to the place again with her camera. After a long search for the bird, she was disappointed not to find the bird. However, as a substitute, she spotted a snowy egret and decided to click it. She clicked some nice pictures of the majestic bird and went back home satisfied. 

Things went wrong when Dawn started checking her snapshots. She spotted the egret near the trail and hurriedly clicked a couple of pictures on her mobile. Lausier then used her DSLR to click the bird. As she checked the first picture, she could not stop admiring the bird’s beauty. However, as soon as she swiped to the second, something eerie caught her eyes. Source Along with the white egret, a ghostly image of another bird could be seen. 

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Dawn Lausier freaked out and started to seek answers. Most of the people dismissed it as a fault in the camera settings. Lausier did not seem satisfied with the reasoning. She said that her cellphone captures a lot of images every day without any glitches. Rumors are going wild but no rational explanation has yet been provided. 

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