Giant Panda Reported To Be Out Of Danger By China

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Giant Pandas were considered endangered for a long time. The increasing globalization has also adversely affected the natural habitats of many animals. As more and more business sites, factories are being set up, the requirement for land is increasing. This has led to deforestation which has taken a huge toll on the animals.

Giant pandas, also known as Panda Bears are commonly found in China. The population has exploded in China over the last decade. This has made the people occupy more land in turn destroying the living space for the Giant Panda. As a result, these animals faced an acute shortage of food. There is, however, some good news to be rejoiced with. In a recent statement issued by China, Pandas are said to be out of danger. Let us take a detailed look at the announcement by the Chinese officials.  

Giant Panda Safe, Says China 

Pandas are no longer facing the risk of extinction. The good news was announced by China recently. They stated that the pandas are not endangered anymore. However, there is still room for a lot of concern. The status of the species has only been upgraded to “vulnerable”. China has reported an official count of 1800 pandas dwelling in the country. 

The number is considered to be a great improvement. China seems to have successfully reversed the diminishing number of pandas. Credits must be given to the conservation policies of the country. The Panda Bear already has a vulnerable status internationally. The Forestry department has issued warnings not to be complacent. They stated that the officials must continue the good work. Any type of complacency can again lead to the loss of Pandas. 

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China has undertaken several projects that aid natural and wildlife conservation. A number of rare species have recorded considerable growth in the past few years. Some of the species include Siberian Tigers & Asian Elephants. Ibises with crests have also flourished under the conservation method. The number of Giant Panda decreased to a meager 1000 in the year 2000. 

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