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Giant Vacuum Cleaner Cater To Beach Cleanliness

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Giant Vacuum Cleaner has been designed to suck plastics from the beach. Plastic is one of the most hazardous materials that has been invented by humans. Today, almost the whole world uses plastic for a vast range of purposes. Plastic is mostly a single-use material. They are nonbiodegradable.

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Such a property makes them extremely toxic for the planet. Plastics pose a lot of threats to land and sea animals. The waste plastics are often dumped into the sea. The mindless dumping of these materials into the sea makes life for the sea animals tough. Most of them mistake these plastics for food.

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The consumption of plastics is one of the serious issues in the world at the moment. More than half of the world uses plastic as its primary material. 

The large-scale usage of plastics has posed a great danger to the environment. Plastic is an extremely harmful material and is also nonrenewable. Single-use plastics are becoming more hazardous with each passing day.

As these materials cannot be destroyed, most of the plastics are thrown away in the seas and oceans. The amount of plastic waste dumped into the sea has increased drastically. The plastic floats on the water surface and blocks the air from entering the water. 

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This creates a hostile atmosphere for the marine animals. Without adequate oxygen, the sea animals find it very difficult to breathe. The same is the scenario with seabirds. A recent study has found that almost ninety percent of the birds are exposed to plastic consumption.

Giant Vacuum Cleaner To Address Plastic Litter Problem

At this rate, all the birds will be prone to the consumption of plastic in less than thirty years. Chris Wilcox is a renowned researcher at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia. He said that the rate of animals and birds that are prone to plastic is increasing at an alarming rate. 

Almost every seabird has been found with plastic in its gut. This leads to several health hazards for the poor birds. Sometimes, the consumption of plastic might also result in death. Wilcox stated that the global production of plastic doubles after every eleven years. The most affected areas are South America, South Africa, and Southern parts of Australia. 

Coast areas here are notseveraler properly. These coasts have a number of plastic wastes lying dangerously in the open air. The seabirds mistake this debris for food and consume them. 

Sometimes the plastic debris gets stuck inside the throats of the seabirds. The birds often choke and die a painful death. 

Giant Vacuum Cleaner: Enviro Buggy Is A Step Towards A Better Future

A Giant Vacuum Cleaner is used to address this purpose. A beach in Capetown has come up with this innovative idea. 

An organization has designed the Giant Vacuum Cleaner that will enable people to clean the beaches properly. This vacuum cleaner is named Enviro Buggy. 

One can catch the Giant Vacuum Cleaner in action at the Lagoon Beach located in the Mother City. The main feature of the machine is that it can suck up every form of plastic. 

Usual vacuum cleaners face difficulty in collecting the microparticles of plastics. However, this Giant Vacuum Cleaner can collect big, small, and even micro bits of plastic. Tash Krauss is a conservationist at the STBP. 

Krauss stated that they specially designed the Giant Vacuum Cleaner due to acute necessity. Workers found it very hard to remove tiny bits of plastics from the coast. The task was impossible even with a large amount of manpower. 

The Giant Vacuum Cleaner can collect particles as small as those less than 5mm. Apart from picking up bits of plastics, the Giant Vacuum Cleaner can also suck unwanted pieces of litter and rubbish from the coast. 

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