The Glasgow Climate Pact: All You Need To Know

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Glasgow Climate Pact has finally been agreed upon and signed. The growing pollution and deterioration of the climate have resulted in a large number of adverse effects.

The Earth has been significantly hampered by rapid modernization. The extensive use of harmful substances has created a lot of problems recently.

One of the main villains is fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable sources of energy. Not only are they nonrenewable, but they are also very much harmful to the planet.

The burning of such fuels emits a lot of harmful gases, predominantly carbon. All these gases get mixed into the atmosphere and form a blanket of the impenetrable layer. This layer traps heat, transforming the Earth into a huge greenhouse.

This is known as the Greenhouse Effect. Plastics are another form of pollution. Plastic is a material that is used by almost all countries today. However, the material is not at all safe for the planet.

To address all these issues, the Glasgow Climate Pact has been signed. More than two hundred countries have agreed to sign up for the pact recently. The signing-up process was not very easy initially.


Countries had a lot of indifference that had to be sorted. This procedure took two weeks after which all the nations were on the same page.

The main objective of the Glasgow Climate Pact was to address the increasing issue of global warming.

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Global Warming has resulted in the rising of the Earth’s surface temperature. Such a situation will pose an immense threat to our Earth. This would result in submerging various important cities shortly.

The pact aims to devise ways to stop the deteriorating condition of the Earth. Let us learn more about the pact in detail below. 

Glasgow Climate Pact Finally Signed

Glasgow Climate Pact has addressed some of the gravest issues at the moment. The pact asks the countries to put a significant effort towards checking pollution. They stated that nations should be working hard towards minimizing the greenhouse effect.

This can be achieved by controlling the production and usage of carbon-emitting gases. The Glasgow Climate Pact also throws light into the rising surface temperature of the Earth. The surface of the Earth has gotten significantly warmer in recent years.

Thus, the pact asks the countries to control their activities so that the temperatures do not exceed the 1.5° limit.

The pact laid out a more practical approach for all the governments to solve the problem. The Glasgow Climate Pact states that the measures and goals must be met within one year of being implemented instead of the traditional five years.

It also warns the nations that t inability to meet the goals or cutting down on the same would affect the Earth badly. 

Glasgow Climate Pact Ensures A Safer Planet 

The looming dangers of the future echoed in the voice of Alok Sharma. Sharma is the head of the recently conducted COP26 summit.

He stated that the Earth is living on the brink of a disaster. He said that if we are unable to minimize the surface temperature, terrible things would happen.

The Glasgow Climate Pact also stresses largely the reduction in the usage of fossil fuels. It has urged countries to reduce their dependence on petroleum and coal. Instead, funding for renewable sources of energy has been encouraged.

The pact promised to provide monetary assistance to the backward nations. All in all, the Glasgow Climate Pact is a massive step towards the safeguarding of the Earth.

It remains to be seen how effectively the plans are being implemented in the future. 

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