Glowing Fungus Portrays An Eerie Picture

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Glowing Fungus has caught the eyes of many experts recently. Nature has always mesmerized us with its beauty. People find the most fascinating discoveries in the most unexpected places.

There are quite a lot of such examples where nature has enthralled us with its scenic beauty. The most recent examples are that of the Rainbow Eucalyptus and the Pink Lake. The rainbow eucalyptus gets its name from the multicolored branch of the tree.

The bark of the trees exhibits all the colors present in a rainbow. Likewise, Pink Lake also fascinates tourists and visitors. The lake has water that is completely pink in color. This uniqueness of the spot has made it a popular site for tourists to visit.

Interestingly, Australia has always been the land of such discoveries. Nature seems to be inclined towards the country down under. A recent discovery has created quite a stir among environmentalists.

Researchers have come across the Glowing Fungus recently. This fungus is found in the woods of Australia. One of the main unique features of the fungus is that it glows in the dark.

Due to its eerie portrayal, locals have named the fungus “Ghost Fungus“. These types of fungi are usually very large. The main reason why the fungus glows in the dark is that it contains a substance called luciferin. This substance, after coming in contact with oxygen, is activated and thus glows in the dark.

It undergoes an oxidation process of an enzyme called luciferase. The light emitted from the glowing fungus is not very bright. The subtle light requires absolute dark conditions to be visible to the naked eye.

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Scientists say that to feast your eyes on the beauty of nature, one would need to get their eyes accustomed to absolute darkness. Any form of artificial light would hamper the full view of the ghost fungi significantly.

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Glowing Fungus: Myths And Beliefs Related To The Ghost Fungi 

The glowing fungus has created a significant amount of buzz in recent times. However, the discovery of the same dates back long ago. The native aboriginal tribes of Australia were the first ones to have come across the glowing specimen in the woods.

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Accounts have been found of the local natives that demonstrate some glowing object in the woods. They stated that something was there deep in the forests that glows in the dark.

These accounts have been interpreted as the description of the Ghost Fungi. People back then did not have modern technologies to decipher the mysteries of nature. Thus, they were very much fearful of the fungus.

Many myths and folklore surrounded the glowing fungus. They labeled the fungus as evil. The tribal people also believed the fungi to have supernatural powers and possessions. 

Glowing Fungus: Where To Find It? 

Glowing Fungus can be found all over the world. However, it is predominantly found in Australia. The forests located in the south-eastern parts of the seaboard are a hotspot for such fungus. These fungi are usually found in a cluster.

They grow like other fungi, at the bottom of tree trunks. One of the most common trees where such fungal growth is visible is the Eucalyptus tree. The fungus can also be found near tree trunks of Casuarina, Acacia, Melaleuca, and Hakea.

The shape of the glowing fungus is usually conical. It has a resemblance to that of a funnel. This is the main reproductive part of the fungi. This fungus usually differs in color and size. The most commonly found color is white or cream.

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However, records of black, purple, grey, green, yellow, and brown glowing fungus have also been recorded. 

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